jimin giving off instant serotonin boost but as you scroll down you feel attacked − a thread ❥
a living meme
a living meme 2
hobi telling them to do the arm dance move and when jimin did the gesture.....
jimin successfully pouring water to yoongi plus his victory reaction sends
jimin forgetting his position in bwl
jimin greeting armys "good night" is the cutest
jimin moving the mic bc he tiny
the iconic "hey jimmy, i'm jimin"
jimin saying "better"
when his arm was being measured, he tried so hard to extend it 🤣 wbk he's a comedian
when jimin asked jungkook to use the smoke gun to mimic a fart
jimin english king
his priceless reaction when he heard "you can go home"
jimin saying "jimin-ssi"
this will never be not funny helpppp
ofc we can't leave jiminxchairs behind
this will be forever iconic
i live for jimin being insane in concerts
yes jimin yes
look how extra he is during concerts
this is just so beautiful to look at
it's the slow body roll for me
jimin's growl is a major turn on istg
jimin yelling during concerts >>>
ending this thread with this
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