why #mewgulf reminds us of #nadechyaya & how similar the two couples are💜

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gulf & yaya X maybelline 😆 https://twitter.com/yaiimhai/status/1292733910573436929?s=19
MG & NY 2couples who didn't officially announce relationship(ny didn't confirm yet during this vid) but need to assure reporters "there's still love" 😆
see how these 2 powerful couples shut some ppl's mouth w/their answers:

ps.lakorn means tv drama in thai😂wrote wrong in vid.
+i also wanna add that:
👫🏻recently (around last week) nadech said he's prepared everything for marriage w/yaya & is just waiting for the right time

👬🏻reminded me of mew few days ago at destiny's clinic "19M is ready. I'm waiting for someone to say yes."

mew & nadech:
love is something between two people and it would be better if people don't intervene with a person's love.

nothing, just nadech and mew praising the beauty & cuteness of the love of their lives:
everyone around MG & NY is curious to know the meaning behind the flower bouquets they give eo

Gulf and yaya:
the "first ask mom but i'm waiting for you to purpose" agenda

** typoooo purpose=> propose 😂

when noeul is excited, she forgets english. now noeul hates this life😂
I miss my girlfirend

Mew: CUTMR MUSM (see you tomorrow miss you so much)
yaya & gulf:
*updating ig with beautiful pics standing by a window

nadech & mew: ❤

me: [dead]
all this happened in less than a day:



my faves are all happy & in wuv. that's all I care ㅠ ㅠ
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