At least 39 people were injured in a grenade attack on a Jamaat-i-Islami rally in #Karachi on Wednesday evening. Jamaat-i-Islami had taken out the rally to mark the first anniversary of #India’s decision to revoke #Article370 on August 5, 2019.
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The attack was claimed by #Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army, a rebel group that has become active in the past months.

In June, four people were killed including two soldiers in three consecutive explosions claimed by the #SRA.
The group wants #Sindh province, of which #Karachi is the capital, to break from the #Pakistani federation. It has also announced its alliance with the #Balochistan Liberation Army ( #BLA), a Freedom Fighter Group fighting for greater autonomy for the #Balochistan region.
The #BLA had carried out the attack on the #Karachi Stock Exchange. Immediately after the attack #BLA declared that the attack on #KSE had "the full support of the #Sindhi nation, which is a reflection of the fraternal ties b/w the #Baloch and the #Sindhi nations."
This shows that the #BLA and the #Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army are heading towards the formation of a united front against #Pakistani occupiers.
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