Over at Floyd Light City Park, which is right across the street from East Precinct.

Not hard to guess where this crowd is going.

The squad is fully blackbloc'd. Except for me. And the Wall of Moms.
Not sure how long I'll be out here without my gas mask or helmet.

This group seems fairly young and eager for action.

There's a med truck, lots of medics, a support van, supplies, pizza and a few ACLU observers. There's also a news team.
DJ LRAD is already out here, directing so-called "peaceful protesters" to leave and claiming illegal activities are taking place in the crowd.

The chants continue. There are at least 200 people here.
The sound of rolling dumpsters is so familiar now.

People are definitely banging on the building, and someone is chanting "Mask on! Mask on! Fucking mask on!"
And the push has begun.

The group retreated pretty quickly.
So we just got rushed several times. Native and Black men were arrested. Saw several journalists assaulted for no reason.

Attempts to get back to my car have been rebuffed. Apparently there's a bomb threat? The area surrounding the station and park are closed.
Dipped to the JC with a fellow protester. Ain't nothing good happening up here.

Street kids just beat some dude up, and then the medic who tried to intervene.

Graffiti has been removed from several structures.
Head back up to Floyd Light but they've still got the lot shut down.

Gonna abandon my car for the night. Got a lift home from a friend.
Guess I'm in for the night.

The moon is incredible. Has the night sky looking amazing.

Back at it tomorrow.
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