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BJP leader KT Raghavan yesterday, visited Chennai Domestic Terminal, went up to Gate, received fence-hopper Ku.Ka Selvam. More than 300 people gathered inside Airport and nearly 50 near the gate. 1/n
A grand reception was accorded to Ku.Ka.Selvam, including presentation of shawl.

A few questions :

1) When the pubic are not even allowed beyond a point during normal times, how was KT.Raghavan & his coteries reached up to the Gate, a secure area 2/n
2) Who issued the pass ?

3) Any exception was given by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to grant free access till the Gate ?

4) Under what authority pass was issued to 300 people.3/n
5) Whether the pass was issued by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Airport Authority of India or Central Industrial Security Force

6) For obtaining pass, each applicant needs to submit an identity card, which should be government approved. 4/n
What were the identities submitted by the BJP guys. Whether anyone was allowed inside without identity cards

7) How a reception with a gathering of more than 50 people was allowed to be conducted inside a secure zone 5/n
8) Why BJP leader KT.Raghavan is not wearing a mask, inside an airconditioned premises

9) Who issued EPass for the movement of “Lift Operator” Ku.Ka.Selvam from Chennai to Delhi. 6/n
10) When a person returns from a state like Delhi, where covid infection is peaking, he needs to undergo medical checkup and kept under compulsory quarantine. Why was neither Ku.Ka Selvam or any of the BJP leaders present in the AirPort 7/n
were subjected to medical check up or quarantine ?

11) How were the same BJP people allowed to assemble in BJP office ‘Kamalalayam’ without following covid protocol ?

12) How was police barricades allowed to be used inside BJP office. 8/n
Did the Chennai City Commissioner grant permission for these barricades to be used ? Was any rent collected ?

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