Thrilled to announce that @unimelb will be hosting Latoka/Ojibwe astrophysicist & artist A/Prof Annette Lee as an Indigenous Scholar in Residence (jointly b/w @ArtsUnimelb & @SciMelb) to help us develop programs and a new Breadth subject on global Indigenous Astronomy!
Dr Annette Lee is a leading global expert on Indigenous Astronomy. She is Associate Professor of Astronomy & Physics @stcloudstate in Minnesota (USA), director of SCSU Planetarium, and Director of the 'Native Skywatchers' program. 
Dr Lee earned a BSc in Applied Math from @UCBerkeley, a BFA in art from @Illinois_Alma, an MSc Astrophysics from @WUSTL, an MFA in painting from @Yale, and a PhD in physics from @UWConline. She's also an Adjunct A/Prof in Astrophysics at @usqedu
Dr Lee's MFA project was entitled "Star Medicine" and her PhD thesis was on integrating Indigenous perspectives into Astronomy 101 courses. She brings her lived experience, talent, and knowledge as a globally leading expert in Indigenous Astronomy.
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