[OC Thread] Dang ok because that tweet has gained some traction, I'll show some of my OCs...starting with my 3 diwatas. From left to right: Stella, Astra, and Nova. Their names are still subject to change. Here, they're wielding their weapons of choice.
Their introduction was formalized in Inktober prompts that I made some years back. Astra and Stella are siblings travelling the world. Nova is just a weird friend who ended up coming along in their journey. At some point, I introduced Nova's friend Lilim, who's an aswang.
The diwatas...have a weird design history. I initially used them to test art materials because of their simple design. But now, they're part of the worldbuilding. It ended up being ok because they're part of a community of divine beings, so I wanted them to be out of this world.
Ok aswangs! They look like dogs in the day and take on dark shadowy forms at night...and if they're in a dark enough area during the day. They can shapeshift, but only if they consume the blood of their victims to temporarily take their forms. These guys have no names (cont)
(cont) but they ended up being gang members, hence the guns. Their rivals are a gang of siyokoy, but those guys have no existing art yet. It's a goofy AU I've had where there are no humans, but there are mythical critters coexisting...so sorta like "Onward"?
I'm sorry if this thread was all over the place. One of these days, I'd like to figure out the worldbuilding and finalize the designs of these critters. It'll be inspired by Philippine culture, particularly pre-colonial in nature. But first, gotta do more research. 😅
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