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Hindu Gods and Goddesses are always worshipped along with their vehicles.Each deity has a particular vehicle or vahana on which it travels. These vahanas , which are either animals or birds, represent the various forces and powers of the God/Goddess concerned.
The vahanas also represent the minds of human followers, which are thereby allowed to be guided by the deity's wishes.The Vahanas have a role and purpose in creation. They help the deities to uphold Dharma by performing several obligatory and secondary duties.
Another reason of choosing animals/birds as vahanas could be to spread love for animals and prevent violence.
Some of the prominent Vahanas of different Gods/Goddesses are :
1)a)Hamsa (swan) -Vahana of Brahma
The word "Hamsa" is a combination of two words,”aham"+ "sa." It means "I am he."This awareness that one is God exists only in enlightened people.Rightly Brahma ji is the friend and philosopher of all the enlightened beings in the world.
1)b)Hamsa(Swan)-Maa Saraswati is the consort of Brahma ji .She is also shown riding a Hamsa. Saraswati ji is the goddess of learning and education. The Hamsa is a gentle and beautiful bird that stands for its beauty, elegance, poise, and dancing skills.
2)Garuda: Vahana of Vishnu Bhagwan
A deity himself,Garuda also called the king of birds,is a divine bird known for wisdom, thoughts and incredible speeds.Hence,if anyone wants to control unfulfilled thoughts and balanced their mind, one should worship Vishnu Bhagwaan.
3)Bull(Nandi): Vahana of Shiv Bhagwan
Bull, Nandi, which stands for the bullying, aggressive, blind and brute power in man. It also stands for celibacy and restraint.Riding on its back, Shiva ji has the power to control all impulses.
4)Lion(Singh):Vahana of Maa Durga
Maa Durga is a symbol of victory over evil. Maa Durga rides a Singh means that the one who can control the fierce and violent trends is the power.The goddess riding a lion may also symbolize that she has tamed the instincts of greed,lust.
5)Mouse: VahanaofGanpati Bhagwan
It symbolises timidity,nervousness, hesitation and self-doubt.They are largely responsible for our failures in our lives and our inability to complete the tasks we start.Ganesha is known as remover obstacles. He does it by addressing our fears.
(6) Peacock (Mayur): Vahana of Kartikeya Bhagwan.
Peacock is a symbol of beauty, elegance, affection and yoga power.
(7) Owl(Uluka):Vahana of Mata Lakshmi
The owl is a solitary creature, which remains awake during nights.The owl is also regarded as an inauspicious symbol.Thus,her association with the owl also symbolizes her ability to ward off evil omens and adverse conditions.
Horse: Vahana of Suryadev
He mounts on a golden chariot, pulled by seven white horses.The seven horses are representative of the seven major sins and how the Sun God triumphs over them. They also symbolize the seven chakras (spiritual vortexes in the human body).
Source:Various sources from Google
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