One year ago today, I felt an overwhelming, undeniable urge to advocate for Hindu causes. I believe the Hinduphobic, anti-India media onslaught that started on 8/5/19, spurred me, a Kashmiri Hindu American, out of my slumber. I had lived in America my whole life, but never had
I used my voice to speak up for basic fairness in media representation of Hinduism & India, the ancient birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, & Sikhism. We Americans enjoy the benefits of Hindu spirituality every day (yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, mind-body healing, etc), yet
we don't realize that a valiant, hard-scrabble, colonized population had to fight tooth & nail for millennia to preserve these ancient techniques & philosophies for us to use today. The very people who get a bad rap in the Western media, the Indian Hindus who are "too loud", "too
Hindu", "too passionate", are the sole reason #Hinduism has survived until 2020. Let's show them the gratitude they deserve & let's all work for fairer, more equitable representation of Hindus & Hinduism in journalism & media. It's the right & just thing to do. @NPRpubliceditor
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