Biden’s VP search is reportedly down to Kamala Harris and Susan Rice.

Slightly disappointed if Val is really out of the running, but both of these women are fantastic choices. 1/4
I adore Susan Rice. She would be the obvious pick to me from a “ready to take over on day 1” standpoint.

She’s also going to have the most oppo. She’s going to get “but spygated” to death if she gets the nod, but she can hold her own. 2/4
Kamala would obviously have a little bit more of a learning curve than Susan Rice, but she’s thoughtful, intelligent, and humble enough to seek wise counsel.

If she doesn’t get the nod, I hope she’s our new AG. If she does get the nod, I hope Sally Yates is our AG. 3/4
Either way, we’re going to make history; we’re going to elect the first female—and the first black—VP in November.

Biden is an obvious one-term candidate, so whichever of them gets the nod also has a good shot at being our first female POTUS in 2024.

Let’s get to work. <end>
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