A photo from exactly five years ago, when then-Executive Councilor @ChrisPappasNH went to bat for reproductive rights in a stiflingly hot and packed Council Chamber. #nhpolitics
Another photograph from that day of then-Governor @SenatorHassan patiently explaining to the three white Republican men on the Council that contraception is not abortion. #nhpolitics
Another photograph from that day of then-Executive Councilor Sununu nervously slurping water after arguing that cancelling a @PPFA would lead to more access to reproductive healthcare. #nhpolitics
Another photograph of Sununu from that day, when he voted with Wheeler and Kenney to cancel the contract. #nhpolitics
August 5, 2015 is one of the days in #nhpolitics that is seared into my memory. It showed how much power three white men had. It showed how important down-ballot races are.
This year Wheeler is running again against the only woman currently on the Council, the great Debra Pignatelli. I hope he loses.
Sununu is running for a third term as Governor. @DanFeltesNH is our best chance to win back the corner office. #nhpolitics
And when the time comes in 2022, let's be sure to reelect @SenatorHassan too. #nhpolitics
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