As mentioned before, there is no 'scripting', 'handicap', 'momentum', and/or 'DDA' in the game.

We'll try to summarize some details in this thread:
We build a football simulation game by implementing the different concepts of football. These concepts include an error system and a physics system which bring variety and authenticity to the game.

When recreating the details of football, all real life outcomes are possible
Every year we are actively trying to reduce situations in the game that feel random and outside of the user control. And we continue to see progress in this area each year.
From a gameplay design perspective, there is absolutely no need to implement systems to influence the outcome of the game artificially, since all the above mentioned already creates a football-like experience for our players.
As explained in the past, the only time our game adjusts the difficulty of the CPU AI (offline only) is during the introductory boot-up match that tries to determine which offline difficulty level is best suited for you.
Of course, we are happy to continue to receive feedback regarding situations which feel like they are not in complete user-control, and we will continue to make improvements in this area.
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