FTR - It is not “training” that causes a cop to put a 6yr old girl-child, facedown on asphalt, with weapon drawn, no less; it is the ability to de-humanize the person in front of you. You must divorce yourself from reality.
You must decide or be convinced that a human being’s worth, their value, is written on their skin. As policy and practice, it is the erroneous belief that there exists a strata of society that are deserving of such treatment. THIS MUST STOP!
It is the same kind of sick, delusional conditioning that makes it socially acceptable, normal even, for a man to sell his own children into slavery. THIS IS ABERRANT BEHAVIOR! UN-NATURAL. These practices and the systems that institute and support them, must be changed!
It will not be easy. I accept that. Regardless, it is what WE MUST DO! These acts are trauma inducing, cataclysms that are unnecessary, unwarranted and unfairly enforced upon human beings! WE NEED TO STOP THIS MADNESS!
The truth is this would NEVER have happened to a 6year old, white girl-child. Not in America! Not now, not ever!
Jesus Christ... I’m done!
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