#Autism industry organizations will let you burn at the stake on their behalf to complete contracts

If they wanted this conflict to end they would make efforts to end it, letting Jeremy and Paula take the fall instead of just responding to critique and improving

Profit > People
Instead of properly phasing out behaviourism they are happy to let their parent advocate partners take the heat

“Whatever gets results” is the behaviourism model, harassment received on the orgs’ behalf is just a sacrifice in the name of greater control over profitable services
Are you angry with autistic advocates Jeremy and Paula for us sticking to our principles no matter what?

Why aren’t you angry at the org who instead of responding is letting you take the full front of our critique?!

We aren’t going to change, the only variable is your action
These support services aren’t going to become less traumatic and abusive

Advocates are not going to wane in our oppositions to these treatments, we will never shut up and go away

The only variable is you, the orgs that continue to promote these services
Jeremy and Paula, when you are done being manipulated and exploited by industries that are literally experts at doing just that we will be here for you to comfort you and ally with you in the fight against behaviorism

As long as you are complicit expect appropriate critique
Before either of you joined this space advocates were against behaviourism, while Oliver's campaign was starting up it was very easy to get educated and informed on best practices

We embraced you, we supported and promoted you, and you have betrayed our trust!
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