So I was just messaging somebody over Instagram and we were arguing about the Cuban revolution and then it turned a discussion about the coup and Bolivia. First this person said usual right wing arguments like “Castro exploited his people” (yeah the irony there) and
made ridiculous claims like “Cuba has not water, electricity or food”. And when I pointed out to him that Cuba’s is ranked high in HDI (Human development Index) he brushed it off saying it wasn’t HDI meant nothing. I quickly brought up the US embargo and accurately
pointed out that the embrago or “El bloqueo” as it’s known in Cuba is the greatest cause of the state of Cuba. And how the US literally fucking supported Batista THE FACIST DICTATOR who let 70% of arable land be owned by foreign capitalist in a country dependent on agriculture
Then he said how Cuba’s “shit” as he put it trickles into Cuba causing the crisis in Venezuela (Which legit doesn’t make sense bc how is it Cuba’s fault Venezuela mismanaged their economy?) Then blames Cuba for Bolivia (his home country)
And I obviously point out the how a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT who was a leftist was overthrown due to media propaganda and he said he was fine with a left-wing government being overthrown. Yet he had the nerve to complain about Cuba’s “lack of democracy.
Not to mention I literally was giving him source after source to back up my points and he gave none. While he was telling me I speak from a point do privileged when his family is rich enough to take vacations around the world and I’ve been on a plan once with money I save up.
In conclusion, we need stand together because the bourgeoisie will do anything to stop our movement.
If you’ve made it to this thread you’re a true comrade. 🥰
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