Claims have recently been made that people follow Q out of blind obedience and accept his messages without critical thinking.
There are always those who are willing to jump on the bandwagon and do what is popular without thinking critically.
Q began posting on 4chan where anons regularly encounter people claiming to be intelligence insiders (both real and fake).

Anons are some of the most skeptical people on the planet. They require a lot of proof before they'll buy your "intelligence insider" story.
That's exactly why Q chose to post on 4chan. He intended to provide evidence that could be vetted by experienced researchers. If he convinced anons of his legitimacy by providing verifiable evidence, he would gain the support of a group of hardened skeptics.
Q has never asked us to accept the information in his posts on blind faith.

He challenges us to conduct our own research, think critically, and come to our own conclusions.

If someone chooses to follow Q blindly, there're ignoring his explicit instructions.
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