As #ecoanxiety and #ecogrief have taken hold of society in new ways over the last few years, the tendency to prescribe activism as a tool to beat the feelings back has grown. But climate-aware psychotherapist @Carolinehickma argues there’s a danger lurking in that sentiment.
We all need to process some of the anxiety, grief and depression that come with our life-threatening ecological reality, and learn how to fold them into our lives. This is what Hickman calls “internal activism”, and it is just as important as “external activism”
The trick is to not get lost in the dark places that internal activism brings us to - - to keep moving - - and to welcome the idea that we’ll cycle through the trenches again because this crisis is life-long.
+ the insights of @reneelertzman can help us frame how we think about action as a way of bringing relief to ecoanxious feelings in nuanced ways that don't promise to erase the pain
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