A small thread on the relation between Ayodhya and Kānchipuram and how Bharata was interconnected 4m vedic times

Ayodhya&Kānchipuram are 2 of the seven
Mokshapuris of Bharata. Kānchipuram is the nabhi sthala of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Kānchi Kāmākshi, is the path to Moksha.1/n
When Dasharatha was childless he had a dream where
he was advised to visit Kānchipuram&pay respects to Amba Kāmākshi. Dasharatha travelled from Ayodhya to Kānchi and this reflects the connectivity of great Kshetras of Bhārata from vedic times.2/n
Lalithopākhyāyām of the Brahmānda purana documents
Dasharatha coming to Kānchipuram to perform the famous Purtakāmeshti Yāgam. It is after this yāga that Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi drank the prasad kheer, payasam and got 4 sons, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrugana
The grand and beautifully sculpted vasantha Mandapam
of the Ambā Kāmākshi devasthānam in Kānchipuram is full of sculptures from the Rāmāyana. And the such yagas are still conducted here
It is really sad that many think India was united after British. Infact Bharata was a continuing civilization right from vedic times. Yes different kings ruled different regions but that does not mean we were divided!

Source- Ayodhya and Kanchi a divine connection
Here are the 7 Mokshapuris of Bhārata

अयोधा मथुरा माया काशी काञी अविनका ।
पुरी दारावती चैव सपैतेमोकदायकाः

Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya Haridwar), Kashi (Varanasi), Kanchi (Kanchipuram), Avantika (Ujjain) and Dwaravati (Dwaraka); These seven cities are giver of Moksha
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