@/618hyunjunk - CATFISH
[EVIDENCE #1] Korean Language

As a team of local koreans, we knew he was not local korean speaker as soon as we had seen his tweets. Here are some sentences that do 𝙣𝙤𝙩 make sense.
[EVIDENCE #2] Victim’s IG

After some searching, we have found the victim’s instagram account with the exact same photos that were uploaded to @/618hyunjunk’s account.
[EVIDENCE #3] Name

Firstly, the twitter user claims that their name is Kim Jun Hyun (김준현). However, the victim’s name is Kim Joseph (김요셉). There is no trace of the name ‘Jun Hyun’ on any of the victim’s social media accounts.
[EVIDENCE #4] Date of Birth

Second, the twitter user has their birthday set on August 2nd. The victim’s birthday is shown as September 15th.
[EVIDENCE #5] Location

Third, the twitter user has expressed that they are in Suwon. However, the victim appears to be located in Gimcheon (extremely far from Suwon).
[EVIDENCE #6] FB Account

Fourth, the twitter user has shared recently that a FB account had belonged to them. However, it was not the same account as the victim’s. As you can see, the FB pfp of the victim and twitter user match perfectly.

All of the information of the Victim has been taken from what is available publicly on their social media accounts.
We feel extremely uncomfortable that this is a frequent occurrence on iland twt. It also upsets us that many are being tricked by these catfish accounts. Cat fishing/identity theft is never ok. We hope this thread was informative to some.
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