[Thread] I'm not a journalist. I'm an opinion guy. But twice in the last two weeks I've had to write journalism pieces because the people who are supposed to be covering these subjects refuse to do it. BLM has almost the entire media, left and right, scared out of their minds.
Both of these articles have gotten absurd, massive levels of traffic. That's not because I'm a good writer, it's just because people are tired of the narrative and want to know the facts. But the media won't tell them. Especially when the facts contradict BLM talking points.
I mean how is it that we've been talking about unarmed black men getting killed by cops but not one journalist anywhere, as far as I could find, had actually gone back and looked into all of these cases and reported on the details to tell us what an "unarmed killing" really is?
And how is it that George Floyd is the biggest freaking story of the decade and yet the body cam footage comes out and an article published by an opinion columnist 18 hours after the story originally broke gets millions of views from people who hadn't even heard about it yet?
The answer, of course, is that the media -- left AND right -- is full of people who are absolutely terrified to tell the people basic facts. It's good for me, I guess. I'll take the traffic. But it shouldn't be this way.
As someone points out below, there's also laziness at work here, not just cowardice. It takes a lot of time (as I discovered) to actually look into something yourself and report what you find. Easier to pilfer someone else's reporting. The media are *lazy* cowards, to be specific
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