The plain, simple truth is that Donald Trump can't win re-election by himself, any more than he could become president by himself. He needed help, just like he needed his dad to make him rich and Roy Cohn to keep him out of legal trouble and Michael Cohen to pay off women.
And Republicans know he can't win. Every GOP operative I talk to admits it. They need create the exact conditions he had in '16: media fixation on his rallies and on ephemera about his celebrity; hatred & media dissection of his opponent, foreign help, a Jill Stein alternative...
and of course: voter suppression. The media hasn't bitten (yet) on Hunter Biden or "cognitive decline" (except to question TRUMP's cognitive health due to his behavior). Russia is intervening but the public and Team Biden are hip to it now. Kanye is their Jill Stein.
But he's also not healthy.
We'll be talking about this tonight on #TheReidout -- see you at 7.
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