Worth recalling. The road to the new Ram temple was paved not only w the corpses of Muslims, but w that of Hindu priests. Even being head priest of one of the most supposedly sacred Hindu sites means nothing to the fascists if you oppose them. Their own faith isn't sacred to them https://twitter.com/dyficec/status/1290944624274489344
Hindutva outfits have proposed actually removing all positive references to the caste system & patriarchy from Hindu texts in the name of Hindu unity/equality, which even radical Liberation Theologists don't do with the Bible or Quran's references to gender or slavery, for ex.
I don't think some of the anti-Hindutva left who take a primarily Ambedkarite or rationalist approach properly contend w this. They take a basically New Atheist stance: there's an authentic Hinduism & it's essentially casteist & sexist so lower castes & women should reject it.
But given the difficulty of getting people to abandon religion & the BJP's increasing support among marginalized groups, if they can create even the pretense of a more inclusive Hinduism that's still anti-Muslim, etc, any New Atheist-style left strategy will likely fail.
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