BBC came out w seeming damning report that may contradict China's claim that re-education camps in #Xinjiang for #Uyghurs are closed. I read the report and linked sources, and noticed some discrepancies. A Thread:
In the comments, people noticed the screenshots presented by @JimMillward were noticeably different from screenshot surfaced in March that he claimed to use.

Let's compare the screenshot of Wechat text in next post...
This was the original tweet from March which included the screenshots of Wechat texts that @JimMillward said he took from.
Side by side comparison of screenshot posted by @JimMillward (left) vs original screenshot.

Diff in 1st sentence, 脑子真的有问题 vs 好傻逼的

Their head hv prb vs they’re stupid pu$$y
Did good prof @JimMillward changed the misogynistic term “stupid pu$$y”? Wait he doctored the screenshot??? Other significant diff in text: 吓我一跳 which @JimMillward translates as “I was shocked” didn’t exist in original

Prof version (left) has 👮‍♂️emojis
Another glaring diff is profile pic. @JimMillward claimed he cropped top of the screenshot, but magically pfp on screenshot he posted (left) show more face than screenshot from March.
While @JimMillward made clear that he was using the March tweet as the source and linked in his medium article, he even got Merdan’s Chinese name 麦尔丹 阿巴wrong even tho it’s on the Chinese passport photo in original tweet.
Biggest question is how Merdan had access to a phone in detention. According to the original tweet cited by @JimMillward as source, Merdan stole the phone back after 18 days of detention in police station. He used another’s phone to txt a friend to have her charge his phone mins
That sounds plausible BUT Chinese made phone has battery life > 18 days??? Not only he was able to steal his phone back but also charge his phone and has access to another person’s phone while being handcuffed to bed???
BBC report interviewee Merdan’s Uncle Abdulhakim Ghappar who got asylum in Netherland in 2013 after being wanted in China for his role in July 5th 2009 Urumqi riot. This is his Facebook page: 
Only part of BBC story can be confirmed is that Merdan appeared in Guangdong court on Jan 2019 for drug charges in 2018. @RodericDay pointed out that @JimMillward removed the claim it’s false charge for some reason.
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