Think I might have to write a post on how I see the same mistakes of the early 70's being made

It's as if we need to let enough time pass so we can make all the same mistakes again

Those that remember the pain of high inflation are retired & have little impact on decisions now
"These were blue-chips that had such high growth prospects that no price was too high to pay."

Sound familiar?

That was from the Nifty Fifty

Now we have this stupidity....
As for inflation

"MMT is basically a Keynesian concept

If you get a little bit of inflation whats the problem was the prevailing attitude (Central Bank Canada)

Nobody had any experience at the central bank with inflation & were just as caught off guard as the private sector"
Not that I'm much of a fan of Dalio but thought this post was a masterpiece.

Often just re-read it as gives a great overview of market history
Lastly commodities

You can't keep them below their cost of production indefinitely

Shale is imploding and renewables won't come close to meeting ambitious projections.

We need higher incentive pricing across the industry as a whole to drive supply.

It's really that simple
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santayana
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