I didn’t have a chance to watch @IAGovernor press conference until last night because I was TEACHING during the original one...I was APPALLED that she stated that no learning has happened in 5 months...are you kidding me?!?! (1/4)
Teachers worked their BUTTS off with no warning to make the ‘recommended’ learning that the STATE required meaningful to ALL students. Administrators, building and district wide, led the way with ideas for us to try to implement. Parents took on the role of teaching their (2/4)
children and I GUARANTEE that they took offense to that comment as much as educators did...their type of teaching/learning looked different than what you obviously see learning to be. I had a student learn how to ride a bike as a 7th grader, he learned to read recipes, etc (3/4)
Open up your eyes @IAGovernor, look at what educators/parents/students did...There was ABSOLUTELY learning that happened in the last 5 months...rant over...(4/4)
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