Good morning.

Today’s a terrible day to force people with few options from their possessions in to a new unknown. How we treat our most at-risk populations defines the character of our country.
I’m walking to Morey Middle School again this morning. Two blocks Eay and I already see emergency lights, heart’s immediately in my throat.
Trash cans are being distributed. The fourty people camping here yesterday already down to about twenty(?)
Small group of activists are demanding social workers, healthcare professionals and less of a police presence.
Oh hey @DonQuenick! Morning! #GiveUsOurHarvest in the house.
Crowd doubles as Denver Police deploy aggressive tones to try and clear the streets.

The police, of course, have closed the sidewalks.
The 48-hour notice that Denver requires for these sort of actions did NOT occur. They even acknowledge that, dating flyers hung *this morning* for today...
There are so many armed men here.
🔥 @DonQuenick has absolute bars when she’s staring down people with guns.
Hey, white men yelling non-sequitor obscenities at police over the voice of a Black woman speaking generations of truth: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
I have to run an produce the Cannabis #DiversityReport w/ @tahdiddy, but I will be back. Please, if you’re able come stand in solidarity against this unannounced and inhumane action. ✊🏼

@wallofmomsden & @TayAndersonCO are on the scene still, I’d follow them for updates.
Should definitely plug where you can watch our weekly conversations on the cannabis industry’s overwhelming diversity problem.
As we understand it, Denver Police have given our unhoused neighbors until 10am this morning before forced removal will begin and they risk destruction of their property.

That would be .... 3 1/2 hours of notice?

C'mon down and mention that's not nice!
I’m back. Somehow there are *more* police here than I’d expected following others’ timelines.
Denver police has brought in larger weapons, more bodies. Riot gear. They feel antsy, I assume it’s because every officer knows what they’re doing is wrong.
I’ve requested a Public Information Officer. They do not have one on site.
DPS Director @TayAndersonCO is making a similar request for a PIO with three questions for clarity.

“No one wants a conflict, we just want to be able to help,” he tells an officer. “That’s our entire purpose here, is to help people get their stuff out.”
The questions @TayAndersonCO has:

⭐️ Can we help these people pack?
🌟 Why are there riot police here?
⭐️ Who’s actually leading this?
Me, to a police officer holding a ginormous weapon: What are you doing here today?

Then: Supporting their move.

Me: How?


Them: .....
Volunteers are currently conspiring to help. What a shame that kindness is being criminalized...
Why does @DenverPolice think that riot gear is necessary for a “public health crisis?”
The police are posturing to escalate. This is so unnecessary, activists are only asking to be allowed to help people move. #DefundThePolice
Oh hey, @DenverPolice is driving in a SWAT vehicle, while activists continue to peacefully request to help.
Who’s body language says “let’s fight?”
As more riot gear-clad officers converge on the peaceful sit-in, @TayAndersonCO has made a vocal request for every officers’ card, along with a vocal reminder about SB217 and the legal need to issue a legal dispersal order.
We have word that AG @pweiser’s office has heard about @DenverPolice officers’ refusal to produce their business cards (a literal requirement) and is checking in on the scene at eleven.
Big ups to @TayAndersonCO who has called 9-1-1 to report the officers present at the scene for refusing to identify themselves. #ReverseKaren
After calls to the chief of @DenverPolice, Attorney General @pweiser, and more some officers are producing their identification and business cards.
It is important to note that many officers left the scene before they produced a card.
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