Is @Hasbro normalizing grooming & facilitating child abuse? 🤔👇

Here is a hypothetical equivalent product for boys. @Hasbro, why would you put out a doll with a genital button? And why would you also not say anything about it on the packaging? Looks doubly bad.
The doll's hair & skirt resemble the Trans & Minor-Attracted Person Flags, respectively.

Then there's the Rainbow packaging ( #LGBTQ).

Between this, the button's location & sounds, & the lack of info about it on the packaging, it's hard to call any of this a coincidence.
This doll is getting scrubbed from existence. It was on the @Walmart site until a couple hours after my original tweet. Now, it's gone--so we know that Walmart saw this thread & heard your outrage. Guess what, though, Walmart? I archived the product page. 
Here are the front & back images of the doll's box. As you can see, there's no mention of the crotch button. Note the Trans Flag hair scheme & the Minor-Attracted Person Flag skirt color theme. Also see the rainbow "World Tour" label. Finally, note the occult Ouroboros symbol. 👇
Now, go check out my thread on @Netflix trying to normalize this stuff with kids & adolescents. #CancelNetflix
It absolutely is an original doll.
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