Jonah Simms appreciation thread
Every. Single. episode of Superstore (so far) has gifted us with reasons why Jonah is awesome. Let’s take a look. Get cozy, it’s a long thread. No seriously. Ya ready? Here we go...
We’re introduced to Mr Jonah Simms. Cloud 9 newbie. A privileged white guy with a somewhat naive take on what real work life is all about.
But even on his first day that’s filled with screwups he’s able to give the cynical Amy a ‘moment of beauty’.
Tries to boost Glenn’s confidence when the magazine wants to do a profile on the store. Gives credit to Glenn for his own big ideas. Doesn’t like the suggestion that he’s just style over substance bc some think he’s cute like a “Panda & a Disney Princess had a baby”.
Always-help-those-in-need-Jonah can give flu shots! No good deed goes unpunished. Bonus: finding out he worked for Habitat For Humanity one time.
Jonah shows he can take a little teasing while in an all day work-flirt with Amy.
Bonus: proving he’s not a perv by showing Amy the receipt for returned sex doll which had a $400 restocking fee. Yikes.
Bonus 2 - he’s pro-choice.
Our first glimpse of Jonah Simms, the cool dad. Helping Emma through her first period.
Perfect scorer ‘Ace’ flunked out of business school. But damn he looks good in a mountain of plush toys.
Doesn’t believe in selling people stuff they don’t need.
Takes ownership of the mess when Amy and Adam fight over the expensive grill purchase.
Bonus: Amy’s “OMG I love you so much” gives him the blushes 😊
Sage advice giver: “people don’t like to be told how to spend their money.”
Spends the day with Garrett helping Cheyenne shop for wedding stuff And lifting her spirits.
Big fan of DIY weddings that shuns conformity.
I want to play in Jonah’s “fun zone”.
Carefully maneuvers around Dina hitting on him in the photo lab.
Bonds with drunk, hungover Amy. Holds her hair back while she pukes. That’s love, guys. Love.
Dina demotes herself so that she can start a relationship with Jonah. Jonah “the good news guy” struggles to let her down gently. Fails, but feels really bad about it.
Jonah “I’m not the kind of person who just stands by doing nothing while people around me need help” Simms. No maternity leave pay and a generally under valued staff inspires him to be the leader of change.
Mateo finds out that he’s undocumented with Jonah help. Jonah keeps the secret.
Helps Amy rally the employees to fight for their rights while on strike to get get Glenn’s job back. And looks good in a suit. And stays to the bitter end with her. The fight will go on.
Kill them with kindness. Jonah tries to help Dina understand the importance of being liked. “People getting along is the bedrock for a functioning society”.
Morally against guns. Doesn’t feel comfortable selling them. After finding out Amy’s having a a bad day, relents and apologizes for being a stubborn jerk.
The episode where once again fun loving Jonah and Amy spend the entire day work-flirting all because neither one of them can back down from a dare. Salute to Amy for the last dare with naked Jonah.
Competitive Mateo and Jonah team up to save all the shelter dogs. We find out that Jonah was hospitalized for 2 days for dehydration because of his struggle to be the best in the class at business school.
Dresses in a Brexit costume and supports acts of civil disobedience such a stealing perfectly good produce that was just going to be thrown out because it’s ugly.
When corporate tries to influence the employees voting on Election Day, Amy and Jonah go rogue and make their own counter pamphlets to spread the truth.
Self professed gambling addict, Jonah gives all his winnings to the temp employee he bet on to quit.
Food poisoning doesn’t stop him from working on Black Friday. And he he’s a good listener for Amy when she has a pregnancy scare.
Tries to encourage Amy to spend her lost and found money on herself.
Jonah could leave Cloud 9 anytime but doesn’t want to( for reasons *coughAmycough*😉) then finds out he can’t anyway and this makes Glenn happy.
Supports Amy’s marriage counseling choice because mental health should not be stigmatized. Battles Marcus to “win Amy” then denies that was his intension.

It totally was.
Cheers Amy up by helping her destroy the store’s Valentines Day decorations (aka- another work-flirt).😘
Mediates a work dispute between Amy and Marcus resulting in Jonah siding with Amy when she fires Marcus.
Self declares as a feminist to stop Glenn from pressuring Sandra to not abort her (non-existent) baby. Makes Glenn feel better at the end of the day.
Advises Amy to let go of the burden that she has to take responsibility for the consequences that belong to her parents. Then they bond as simmosa always do.
Pacifist Jonah can’t bring himself to beat up Mateo so that he can resolve his undocumented status.
“Why isn’t Pacifism a straight guy thing!?”

He even offers to marry him for crying out loud!
Asks for Glenn’s permission to date his daughter. Takes Amy’s multiple “Ew” comments in stride when he teases her about her having a crush on him.
Wants, more than anything, for Glenn to like him now that he’s dating his daughter. Becomes his assistant. Manages to make the cloud tie look hot.
Amy’s “work husband” spends the whole night trying to convince others that’s not true. Then gives sad Amy a long list of complimentary attributes including “sexy”.
Jonah ties to comfort and keep Amy calm during a tornado, resulting in their first kiss.
Uncomfortable with the awkward aftermath of the kiss, Jonah confronts Amy. Letting her know she can always talk to him whenever she wants because he at least values their friendship.
Curious about Garrett’s wheelchair backstory because he considers him his best friend. (Awe!) And best friends share stuff like that. But Garrett won’t share with him. And yes Jonah, that IS messed up.
“My roomie’s coming to me for a little heart to heart. It’s a good day. It’s a really, really good day.” Tries to help Garrett process his breakup with Dina, in healthy way.
Calm and level-headed Jonah helps stop a robbery at the store. Then asks not to be complimented in front of Dina to save her from embarrassment so that she doesn’t bully him later. Fails.
The endangered bee crisis Jonah plays a Halloween prank with Kelly on Amy showing that he has a good sense of humour.
Obama-care’s got nothing on Jonah’s health care fund.

It’s the thought that counts.
Roommate tension leads to passive aggressive fighting, leads to Jonah giving Garrett a night off from him for Christmas.
Jonah thinks Amy is jealous of Kelly only because her videos go viral.


Oh sweet summer child.
Supports Amy and her failed Golden Globes party so that she doesn’t believe her life is in shambles.
Distracts Jeff with “boring stories” and becomes his sounding board because he’s a good listener and, let’s face it, everyone feels comfortable to unload their shit around him.
Doesn’t believe in angels and is weirded out to discover his girlfriend Kelly does.
Loses his fun announcement guy mojo temporarily when he finds out that Amy is “bangin out dudes”. Al Pacino finds his way back.
The episode where Amy finally catches up to the rest of us and realizes that Jonah is the sweetest guy ever. And it only took a Goonies adventure to the recalled products storage room to make it happen.
Relentless negotiator Jonah is Mateo’s chosen wingman.
If he and Amy just play along with the teasing, others will forget they kissed during the tornado and move on. But they didn’t take into account that they would kiss again(accidentally)!
Feels bad about the Amy-kiss-situation, Jonah tries to make it up to Kelly by planning their new home together. He also likes to squeeze bread.
Tries to find wasteful spending to help save Myrtle’s job. Isn’t threatened by a woman boss.
Reminds Glenn that he has an inherent coerce of power that he wields over his employees even if it’s unconscious and to be aware of it so that they don’t feel pressured to buy stuff from his wife.
Tries to play it cool when he find out Amy is dating the beverage guy.
Encourages Amy to use her “huzpah” and get herself a raise. A flirty golf lesson is both their reward. Who says Ben ( the director of this ep) isn’t a simmosa shipper? This is proof positive that he most definitely is.
Spends most of the day helping Mateo with his Jeff problem but really one of Jonah’s best qualities is his ability to make our stomachs flip when he allows Amy to kiss him sloooooowly. We all wish we were Amy in that scene. Peak simmosa.
Shit gets real. Jonah finally lets his true feelings for Amy surface, he unleashes his frustration that she needs to hear. And when Kelly says ILY, he knows in that moment that he cannot say it back and mean it so he has to break up with her.
Helps create a plan to call out the Cloud 9 CEO for firing employees over the age of 70 like Myrtle.

But let’s watch Amy and Jonah get it on (for clear skin).😉 Simmosa supremacy!
J-bone/Shredder rejects the male chauvinist attitudes towards sex in front of male chauvinists. Women shouldn’t feel ashamed about being sexual.
Thoughtfully creates a baby shower registry for Amy so she can a registry discount. He’s happy for her when she’s gets the car seat she was hoping for. Such a sweet boyfriend. Even if their relationship is secret from everyone ( except Garrett).
Helps his ex, Kelly transfer to another store but not before he apologizes for being a bad boyfriend to her.
Gerrymandering Jonah helps his very pregnant and uncomfortable girlfriend Amy win a day off work by cheating the voting system of the Halloween costume competition.
He offers to pay for Amy’s hospital cost and is there as her main support as she has her baby. We all internally scream that it should be Jonah to have that family bonding moment he deserves. But he takes it all in stride and we love him even more because of it.
“I’ve never done anything remotely as hard as what you’re going through”. Amy takes comfort in knowing that Jonah gets it. And nobody had to explain it to him. His high regard for working moms is unmatched. #simmosa
To show how much he cares about Amy, he finally confesses to his parents about working at Cloud 9 and not being a med student. And Amy, for the first time, sticks up for Jonah to his parents. “He’s a good person, that is real”. Wow big endorsement from the girlfriend.
This season’s annual Jonah and Amy goof-off episode. Also where Jonah sways Amy to think seriously about applying herself towards a management position.
Dina demands Jonah help her find a job best suited for her. Reassures her that even after college and business school he still can’t figure it out so she shouldn’t feel bad for not being able to decide her future either.
Helps Mateo start an activist group against the dictator Duterte so he can get asylum. Then helps him diffuse it when the threat of deportation and torture could be the result.
Level-headed Jonah suggests a fictional nemesis to motivate his coworkers to try harder during a step challenge. And again when they take it too far he has to be the voice of reason.
Knows the difference between global warming and climate change. Then occupies his blizzard time with Amy acting very “husband and wife”. #simmosa
His first Valentine’s Day with his “main squeeze”. Happy to hear Garrett call him his friend to confide in and wants to make sure he keeps that trust alive even if it means his valentine day dinner is ruined.
Collaborating to break store property to help Glenn avoid going to prison for embezzlement.
Proud boyfriend Jonah Simms doesn’t feel emasculated when his girlfriend becomes his boss. Bonus: affirms that sex workers have agency.
He doesn’t feel comfortable with the knowledge that Amy can spy on her employees in the break room.
Goes full on spazz when he tries SO HARD for Emma to like him even if it makes him look bad in front of everyone. Adorkable Jonah in his finest form. If you don’t love him after this episode you clearly are heartless. This might be my favourite Jonah Simms ep to date.🧑🏻‍🦱💓
Environmentally conscious Jonah likes leading green initiatives.🌱
Is not upset when Amy gives away most his work hours to everybody else. As his reward for being such a sweet & chill boyfriend, Amy says he can move in with her. Simmosa cohabitation commences! 🏠
A misguided plan to get more hours back results in Jonah willing to sacrifice his job and own up to their mistake for Amy.
Feels very uncomfortable being stuck in the middle of employees talking about starting a union and Amy wanting him to shut it down to save the store. Ultimately, he follows his heart and signs the union card.
Staying true to his own ideals and against Amy’s corporate persuasion, he risks hurting their relationship. Jonah suggests a smart plan to pack the store with people to help Mateo escape ICE.
Is aware that the new cleaning robot is not there to help employees but rather replace them. Feels good about how much Amy trusts him to program the robot.
Manic Pixie Dream Girl/Bush Baby feels bad for Sandra when Dina refuses to throw her an engagement party. So he takes it upon himself to do it.
Jonah Simms is willing to slam a gallon of ranch dressing if it means the warehouse guys can trust him to lead their store towards unionizing.
Offers to loan Mateo money to help him out. Ends up losing $400 to Mateo with a coin toss.
Creates a soothing and thoughtful nap zone for Amy when she clearly needs it (good boyfriend). And tries to make up for the lack of Amy leadership when things go off the rails. (Sorry for the VO. I couldn’t turn it off).
Toxic American Masculinity (not a cowboy) Jonah Simms is doing very well at leading the union organization. Also has a good platonic relationship with his ex Kelly. Now Amy just has to feel less threatened.
Reassures Amy that she a great manager when she’s nervous about the DMs visit. And he’s rightly suspicious of corporate trying to lure Amy with promises of higher job opportunities if she plays for the dark side.
Helps Mateo and Amy with a charity toy drive and once again is the moral compass and film/story editor.
Points out the employee stress and difficulty to keep a 30 minute guarantee for Curbside pickup.
Bonus: my favourite Cheyenne line of all time: “Where did the pee go, Jonah?!” 🤣
During union negotiations with corporate, tough and savvy Jonah Simms shows that he’s grace the under fire. His finest hour. Which makes the news that corporate screwed them again hours later, that more heartbreaking.💔
Who doesn’t simply adore feminist Jonah Simms?
“My sweet prince Jonah” receives $1000 from Myrtle (RIP) and doesn’t feel like he should keep it. So he gives it to Glenn instead.
All he wants is for Garrett to recognize him as a friend to hang out with for some bro-time! Is that so difficult? Apparently it is. Why Garrett, why?
Forgetting how inspiring he can be, Jonah helps Sandra’s wedding catering staff realize they are worth more than they are earning.
Would rather have health benefits and a pay raise from Zephra than a cereal bar. Makes up with Amy by eating all the coconut chocolates in her valentine’s gift so she doesn’t have to.
Not a fan of Zephra, the new parent company, tracking employees phones and stealing their private information.
Proudly compliments his girlfriend Amy for her charity initiative and let’s her know it’s ok to brag about her accomplishment. And follows the “attract more bees with honey than with vinegar” philosophy. Except when one bee comes back for more honey.
Nobody shames Amy or her son on his watch. Jonah, the supportive (soon to be god and fandom willing) husband/boyfriend and protective (step)dad, shines bright in this episode.
He’s an enthusiastic Raise the Wage Protester (not a Narc).
Proud boyfriend Jonah boasts about Amy’s accomplishments and takes the ‘high road’ when his douche brother belittles him. Eventually takes both brother and his father to task when they complain about their failed relationships. Simmosa for the win.
And finally, who chooses to be the supportive boyfriend & takes the initiative to find housing options for the LOVE OF HIS LIFE & decides he will move to California for Amy? Jonah FUCKING Simms, ladies and gentlemen. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
So there you have it. The complete guide to Jonah Simms in all his greatness. And if I missed a clip I’m sorry because sometimes it was tricky trying to select the best clips to fit in the 140 sec twitter limit.
Hope you enjoyed! 🤗
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