Can we reform the fashion industry by boycotting brands? THREAD
In short, no.

The fashion industry is built on a capitalist system - it relies on the exploitation of labour and natural resources that can’t sustain its growth.

The true solution to the negative impact of the fashion industry is the dismantling of these structures.
However, by reducing their consumption of fast fashion and supporting the second hand market and small ethical brands instead, consumers can send a strong message to mainstream brands about their values.
Consumers can also send a strong message to brands by writing to them to demand change and explanations as to why they don’t look after the planet and the people who make their clothes.
The focus on changing individual habits deflects from the part governments and corporations play in perpetuating capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy in the fashion industry.

We can’t ethically consume our way out of these systemic issues.
Activism takes many shapes and forms that all take time and effort.

In my opinion, trying to be the perfect ethical consumer is too time consuming for the little systemic change it affects in the fashion industry.
We should take a holistic approach to our activism that encompasses influencing people in our lives by educating them, writing to brands and MPs, changing our consumption habits, and listening to the garment workers that are subject to labour exploitation.
Garment workers have always been unionising and mobilising. They don’t ask us to boycott the brands they work for, but to demand change.
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