In the days leading up to the election, the incumbent sent out mailers attacking Cori Bush for supporting BDS to sabotage her campaign.

Instead of ignoring it or walking back her values, Cori Bush doubled down on her support for Palestinian human rights—and won the election.
This is right on the heels of Jamaal Bowman’s victory, who was attacked repeatedly by Israel lobby groups in order to re-elect Eliot Engel.

None of this is surprising to those of us who have witnessed how public opinion has drastically shifted in the past 6 years on Palestine.
I have **stories** about how pro-Palestine activism gets rebuked even in progressive spaces.

And how my own expertise in messaging & political analysis are undermined when it comes to Palestine bc I’m a Muslim woman—& therefore seen as inherently biased.

But the proof is here.
There is no progressive politics without Palestine.

And there is no federal election that can continue to ignore foreign policy—and its time Democrats realize this and hire accordingly.
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