A thread on #BeirutExplosion, Hezbollah & #ISIS.
It is common in the #MiddleEast to steal seized goods/public storage and burn it after that. It is known for investors #BeirutPort is controlled by #Hezbollah. And #AmmoniumNitrate is the most loved substance for the global terror.
It is almost officially admitted by many sources in #Lebanon about 2750 tons of seized #AmmoniumNitrate are in the #BeirutPort since 2013.

In the following report found by @Rim_Turkmani is a documentation about the Rhosus ship.
a document was shared today. the General Director of #BeirutPort asked the government 6 times to sell/re-export the #AmmoniumNitrate immediately because it is dangerous.

📷 it is viral and not published by any official source
The #BeirutPort and Airport is very known to citizens of #Syria & #Lebanon how they are hard controlled by #Hezbollah and the loyalties don't hide this in their speeches or posts.

article about controlled Lebanese institutions by Hezbollah @ArabWeekly
Tracing #Hezbollah activities in the last few years it is easy to follow how the #AmmoniumNitrate was part of it

in 2015 A #Cyprus sentenced a member Hezbollah and seized 9 tons of Ammonium Nitrates.
List of #Hezbollah and #AmmoniumNitrate on the @ODNIgov special report of "Hezbollah Worldwide Operational Activity".

for example #Kuwait in 2015 seized ~19 tons of the nitrates.

the DNI report 🔽
The #AmmoniumNitrate is the most loved substance for the terrorists all kind that's why many countries made hard regulations because of this.

an example from a report ask for hard regulation in Europe (2010) 🔽 https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/MEMO_10_428
The #Hezbollah involved also in smuggling weapons and drugs world wide and has in the black market very strong relations to the #ISIS and #alQaeda. As they entered #Syria it was very remarkable to us how easy they can reach the #AmmoniumNitrate to build their #VBIED.
in 2012 I had a big tension with groups from Homs because of a report of buying weapons from #Hezbollah to fight #Assad. The idea of weaponizing the revolution was refused by us and specially if we know the weapons was sold by Assad and allies at the beginning.
After rising of radicals #alQaeda & #ISIS ( #Daesh) it was very easy also to follow the same networks and it is clear now who was supplying them with the #AmmoniumNitrate in #Syria & #Iraq and maybe other places globally.
I think hardly #Hezbollah was obstructing the destruction or the resell the #AmmoniumNitrate in favor of the Lebanese state. Hezbollah was selling nitrates world wide to every terror group and using them also for its own proposes.
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