Hey guys it’s 2 am and it’s time for some more A:TLA thoughts, and this time it’s on the topic of the Fire Nation and the dragons. As you probably know, the Fire Nation used to have dragons as pets, but decided to start hunting them for sport and we don’t know why. (1/4)
Well I think I know why. To begin, we must first understand that the Fire Nation is based on Japan, specifically Imperial Japan from the late 19th-early 20th century. (2/4)
Furthermore, I believe that the dragons and the style of fire bending learned from them represent the Samurai and the Bushido code that they followed. (3/4)
In real life, Imperial Japan killed off the Samurai and perverted the Bushido code to suit their needs. In A:TLA, the Fire Nation killed (almost) all of the dragons and perverted fire bending to be an art marked by hatred and destruction, instead of creation. (4/4)
Please let me know if I fucked up somewhere in here but other than that, thank you for reading this thread!
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