Tonight, despite nearly 200 more comments against the strong mayor proposal than for it, the council “decided” to put it on the ballot.

Most voting for it never touched the often salient points of the public and kept reiterating talking points that...
...sounded rehearsed.

They kept reiterating that the voters should decide, but didn’t seem to recognize their roles as the voters’ representatives.

They never touched the splitting of strong mayor from weak equity provisions to be placed separate on the mayor.

They didn’t...
...address why mid-pandemic in the face of research to the opposite that this moment, right now, is somehow the best time for this to pass.

They didn’t address the huge cost that will be run up to put it on the ballot and the ways that that money could be better spent to help...
... families and communities hurt by Covid-19.

They just made it easier for developers to have a one stop shop when it comes to corruption.

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