There's more than meets the eye when it comes to the Post Office.

In the US, it's clearly been mismanaged for decades.

But did you know, many countries globally offer TAX FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS as a means to incentivize people to save?
Many of you have watched War castles, understand the significance of Maritime Doctrine & understand the significance and power of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) & how it ties so much into our monetary system. This is precisely what the Democrats are so scared of.
The post office is one of the most recognized & one of the most powerful brands in the world. Any business it launches would be used by tens or even hundreds of millions of people, not only in the US but globally. All they need to do is launch a bank and get rid of their Union.
Maybe Trump is saving them to his second term in office, but imagine every underbanked American being able to walk into a post office and buy an ounce of silver that could be held at the post office as custodian. They set the price and they charge the fees. Problem solved!
What is described at the 40:30 mark is that a Tax Free Post Office Account encourages people to become lifetime savers. Things may have to get worse before they get better & it won't happen overnight, but will help in the rebuilding of any nation.

The US Post Office has accepted deposits in the past! The US Postal Savings System declined after FDIC gave private banks insurance protection, & so it was shut down by the US Gov't in 1967 as it was seen as redundant.
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