⚠️ If you have not heard what is going on in #California with reporting of #Coronavirus #testing results this is important to understand

1. @CAPublicHealth announced that there has been underreporting of #COVID19 cases due to tech issues with the electronic lab reporting system
2. Supposedly test results or patient care has not been affected (although unable to verify)

3. The state is
- Deploying a team to assess the issue
- Working with local public health
- Having all labs manually report all positive cases to public health
This is a big problem b/c with over 500,000 cases #California has the most cases of any state in the USA and we are now "flying blind"

Additionally the state says that % positivity is decreasing, how can they say that when we are underreporting and don't know what is happening
We live in the most technologically advanced state in the country. If we have problems with our lab reporting then we need to fix this ASAP and should do whatever it takes.

Having #manual reporting of thousands of #tests is not realistic and will be riddled with problems.
Keep an eye on this developing story, will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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