The rise of psychology paralleled the decline of Christianity in Europe. Psychology also relied heavily on Greek pagan thought for its worldview.

Examining the traditional function of priests, it is clear they served the same purpose that psychologists do today for many.

Counseling married couples to prevent divorce, mediating conflict, giving advice to distressed individuals, and even treating what would today might be called severe schizophrenia (jinn possession) were all the domain of priests.

There was no concept of a division...

...between mental and spiritual health. Just as the secular order sought to remove the spiritual from government, it sought to deny the presence of spirituality in the human.

Just as modern medicine succeeded in eliminating some diseases, it was believed that there must...

/3 an analogue for mental diseases.

There is no question- faith can heal. But the Christians and Jews of Europe no longer had faith in God. They had replaced it with faith in science. So spiritual problems were classed as mental problems, and instead of turning...

/4 priests, the representatives of God, to treat spiritual problems, they turned to specialized doctors (doctor is also a Latin word for priest), the representatives of science, the new god.

If you look carefully, it's clear to see that the spiritual life of...

..."advanced" modern society is every bit as filthy and disease ridden, in a spiritual sense, as the most foul slum or shantytown in Africa. The stench of sin is everywhere; the houses are filled with pornography, the money covered with riba, the streets filled with zina...

...even the markets are filled with goods produced by oppression against the earth. And just as a slum with open raw sewage, poor ventilation, and frequent flooding leads to its residents having chronic physical illnesses, the "developed" society chronically suffers from...

...spiritual ailments. And yes, the psychologists and therapists can help relieve the suffering- for a price. But the relief won't last, and it will always have you coming back for more, and paying more. Just the same as the physical medicine.

Without vaccines, you might...

...lose an infant, which could intercede for you on the day of Resurrection, but by vaccinating your children you will make them weaker and more susceptible to chronic conditions, which will have you coming back to the doctor again and again and paying more and more.

And this is what the state of kufr wants; for the people to be entirely dependent on it, so that they must be subject to its control.

If they refuse its satanic control, then it will cut them off from all of the modern privileges; international financial networks...

...heavy infrastructure, and medical care, by bombing all of the infrastructure into nothing. The violence is the "push," and the modern comforts are the "pull." Together, these forces divert Bani Adam from the path of Allah. But both the "push" and the "pull" factors...

...are empty promises of Shaitan, that you will lose your wealth, your children, and your life if you oppose the corruption.

(الشَّيْطَانُ يَعِدُكُمُ الْفَقْرَ وَيَأْمُرُكُم بِالْفَحْشَاءِ)

"Indeed, Satan threatens you with poverty and commands you to sin and immorality."

Likewise, Shaitan promises that you can be protected from illness, war, and hunger if you obey him. He will even promise that wealth can buy eternal life.

But his promises are false, and the promise of Allah is true.

The cure for mental health is to live away from sin...

/13 a pure environment, surrounded by relatives with whom you have stable relationships, to be firm in iman, and to accept Allah's decree with gratitude. It also helps to have less radiation, noise, and pollution and more contact with nature.

There are some conditions...

...which are truly biochemical, but true insanity has many lessons to teach us, and the one who is insane is excused from all sins, so this should be viewed as a great blessing. Caring for the insane is a chance for us to grow in patience and earn the pleasure of Allah.

And can there be any doubt that to marry early, have many children, and to lose some of them to illness is a blessing? The children who die cause us to remember Allah, collect qiraat of ajr at the janazah and burial, and they can be a cause for their mother to enter jannah.

And the children who survive will be stronger, because they will not be weakened by vaccines.

The vaccines make sense for the kaffir civilization, where they limit their fertility by marrying late, using contraception and abortion, and then pour absurd amounts of...

/17 into their children in order to have them take up highly specialized jobs requiring decades of study, in order to power social and physical technologies that do little other than spread corruption and deprive human beings of their sense of meaning and purpose.

Ironically, the lack of children leads to a lack of family and human connection, which drives mental illness. The disease psychology is trying to treat is Western medicine itself- and it is trying to do so by using Western medicine.

The cure itself is the disease.

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