The @SKGov released their return to school plan today. I’m disappointed, but I’m not surprised they have chosen to push the responsibility of keeping students safe onto the school divisions and parents. I have a few questions.
Why didn’t we just keep schools open in March if this was the plan for September?
Why is university unsafe but schools are fine?
Why are restaurants at half capacity, when patrons are only in the restaurant for an hour but students are safe spending 6 hours and eating in the same classroom?
Why is the reopening school plan the only phase in #skpoli that is based solely on the calendar?
Do @GordWyant and @PremierScottMoe have children or grandchildren? Are they planning to send them to school without masks?
In October @GordWyant invited me to invite him to my classroom. Is that invitation still open in September?
Is the @SKGov so afraid to address our growing classes that even a pandemic won’t prompt them to consider class size? Has @GordWyant arranged a classroom to see if he can ensure safe distances in an average classroom? I know I have to turn sideways to get around the room.
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