To every single person claiming this was a stockpile of ammonium nitrate blowing up:

the smoke cloud from such an explosion would be grey.

You know what puts up a dark brown smoke cloud?

Octagen, also known as HMX. 
Guess what Octagen is used for?

It's used for BOTH making missile warheads and as a solid rocket propellant.
So Iran, which runs Hezbollah, which runs Beirut, had missile warheads and rocket fuel stored in a warehouse, but of course they don't want to ADMIT their new planned missile offensive just literally blew up on them so we get this ammonium nitrate cover story.
Iran was all prepped for a new missile launching offensive and it just got nipped in the bud.
And this happened on the heels of all those "strange accidents" that occurred at the Iranian weapons/nuclear sites over the past month.

Very curious.

Very curious indeed.

What a streak of bad luck!
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