There can't be a more proper day to share my observations.Of what I have seen in his eyes, what I have read in his silence, that restlessness!
Today is indeed a big day for our small family 🙏🙏🙏

You can easily see it in the way he says

#JaiShreeRam #JaiShriRam #RamMandir 1/n
09 th November 2019 #AyodhyaVerdict ! He wanted to share a lot but his voice choked, he didn't say. That was when I felt how much it all mattered to him. All I could make out was the hope in his eyes , but it was not peace definitely!

#JaiShreeRam #JaiShriRam #Ayodhya 2/n
By now I have got used to his random wanderings , and I was expecting it when he said suddenly -I wanted to go to #Ayodhya ,it's finally the time !!

And as usual , I said YES, his eyes had a shine like that of kid , #Prangshi was not even a month old!

#Ayodhya #JaiShreeRam 3/n
2 days later he was back home, he sounded at ease , but I could easily sense that there was something amiss !! I was following his journey through this thread >>

And in every pic I could see that this was not a person who could stay home😀 #JaiShreeRam
I asked him that aren't you doing , getting , experiencing everything that you ever wanted to?? Still I see that there is a palpable restlessness in you though you pretend to be at peace!! Why ??
It was then he explained the meaning of the words in this pic ..
#JaiShreeRam 5/n
..& I got it finally! His restlessness , his"isko abhi hee karna hai","abhi hee jaana hai",abhi shuru karte hain" tendency!!He won't wait for tomorrow , there is no"kal"for him!!
And today marks a beautiful pit stop in the journey for many eternal nomads like him #JaiShreeRam 6/n
...And we are celebrating today !!

Cherish today as we are lucky to be witnessing today !!

My best wishes to everyone..

May today mark the beginning of a New Era of peace , joy , prosperity , togetherness !!

#JaiShreeRam #Ayodhya #AyodhyaRamMandir 7/7
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