thread on what’s happening in Palestine 🇵🇸:
palestine is a country located in western asia. it borders lebanon, syria, jordan and egypt. currently, it’s being occupied by the state of israel, a state established by zionists in 1948.

as a palestinian, i think it’s important that others know and understand what’s happening.
what is happening right now?

israel continues to ethnically cleanse, displace, exile, and uproot palestinians from their own homes. currently, palestinians are divided between the west bank, gaza strip, "israel", and the diaspora.
today israel continues to bomb gaza using the excuse of 'bombing hamas terrorists' however these bombings only ever harm INNOCENT civilians

there are active protests happening at the gaza israel border where many palestinian protestors have been killed by israeli soldiers
during these protests, many medics & journalists have also been killed by israeli soldiers despite their identity being clear; this shows that israeli violence towards palestinians has no bounds.
the west bank:
in the west bank, the israeli state regularly demolishes homes of palestinian families. israeli soldiers arrest palestinian children & detain them in israeli prisons, they can be prisoned for years. these are innocent children being torn away from their FAMILIES.
there are also over 100 checkpoints throughout the west bank. palestinians living there have to cross checkpoints for every aspect of their lives; school, work, markets, travel to neighbouring cities etc. at these checkpoints, abuse and sexual assault often takes place.
how can you help?
- raise awareness irl; in school, with friends / family etc.
- donations !!! [links will be shared below]
- supporting palestinian businesses

unfortunately petitions rarely help with issues in the middle east, they go unnoticed by those who are being addressed
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