Portland’s protests are continuing, but some of the organizations have shifted, combined or disbanded. If you’re looking to support Portland protestors as of August 4th and can afford to donate, here are people and orgs I’ve seen doing important work here in Portland.
PDX folks, feel free to add links to the thread — I’ll retweet what I have time to verify. Please ignore my previous thread in favor of this thread, because a lot of that information is now outdated.
Before I get into the thread tho, please look at your own community first. Black Lives Matters protests are continuing throughout the US and the world. Focus first on your own home, *then* help these Portland groups and individuals.
Generational Resistance is a BIPOC-only affinity group. On their Linktree, they have several GoFundMes for both individuals and groups, all of which are worth supporting https://linktr.ee/genresistance 
Fridays4Freedom is a group of young organizers who list several fundraisers for specific needs https://linktr.ee/Fridays4Freedom 
SnackBloc is a community resource and support for rallies, protests, community events, vigils and more. As of June, SnackBloc is a 501(c)3. https://linktr.ee/snackblocpdx 
Federal officers shot Donovan LaBella in the head. He continues to need medical care and his family has a GoFundMe to cover those costs https://www.gofundme.com/f/donation-labella
Don't Shoot PDX is currently suing the City of Portland to prevent the use of tear gas against residents. They also published a report on the health impacts of tear gas + COVID. Their offices were vandalized this week so it's a good time for support https://linktr.ee/dontshootportland
Portland is in the middle of a mayoral election right now. Technically, only two names are on the ballot, but there's a write-in candidate you need to know about. @TeressaLRaiford has been working on racial justice in Portland longer than I've lived here. https://writeinteressaraiford.com 
Danielle was one of the first protestors to hold space at the Justice Center after George Floyd’s death https://twitter.com/ThornCoyle/status/1284994101981544449
Rosehip Medics and Portland Action Medics go through loads of supplies while providing care to protestors, as well as having to routinely replace medical supplies purposefully destroyed by police http://www.rosehipmedics.org/donate/ 
Most of the media coverage you see of the protests in Portland is based on the work of local freelancers, often without compensation. There’s a list of these journalists at http://pdxpresscorps.com , along with their payment information.
As far as bail goes, I’m working on the @pdxgdc’s bail + legal fund https://gofundme.com/f/pdx-protest-bail-fund. We've covered bail, legal fees, lost wages, replacing property taken by police, medical expenses, and other financial impacts faced by folks who have been arrested at protests.
There are two other bail funds you can support here. First, the Portland Freedom Fund — a standing fund that posts bails for anyone who needs financial help (not just protestors). With outbreaks of COVID in Oregon’s jails, the PFF’s work is crucial. https://portlandfreedomfund.org/ 
Second is DefenseFundPDX. This bail fund is an independent group that has also been posting bails and takes donations on Venmo + Cashapp @/defensefundpdx
This group makes shields for protestors, to help reduce the harm of impact munitions being used against the crowd. https://twitter.com/ghostmobpdx/status/1290462392120475648 Transparency doc https://cryptpad.fr/sheet/#/2/sheet/view/Ycz1rH6IH094zcIK0TG+lm0HFxdCO3kNIhR440PMmNo/
The EWOKS provide mutual aid support https://twitter.com/AddriBlack/status/1290866228383252480
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