Kashmiri separatists came in many dress, shapes and colors: Hindu haters, Jew haters, white haters, atheists, religious supremacists, Islamists, communists and so on, such as, Hindus For Human Rights....they even used the word 'Hindu'

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#Hinduphobia #HinduGenocide
Kavita Ramas:
* Wife of Pakistani Zulfiqar Ahmad
* Advisor of Ford Foundation President Darren Walker
* Connection to Open Society Foundation
* Parents & sister connected to AAP PARTY
* President/CEO Global Funds for Women (doesn't exist now)

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Zulfiqar Ahmad's uncle is Pakistani left-wing intellectual activist Eqbal Ahmad, who moved to US in the 1950s from Pakistan, was vocal about Palestanian rights. He was indicted in the 1970 trial of conspiracy to kidnap Henry Kissinger + bom Pentagon

Note, wikipedia does not have any mention of the entire episode of 1970 trial. Wikipedia paints him as a world-famous successful intellect.

Indian American Muslim Council...an antiHindu antiIndia Islamic supremacist-fascist hate group behind the AntiCAA resolutions in Democrats ruled U S. cities, working along with many other similar hate groups, primarily against @POTUS here, perfectly aligned with their #Propaganda
HinduHater Hinduphobic antiHindu antiIndia IAMC is part of a broader Muslim coalitions that tried to stop #RamMandir:

* Rana Ayyub, a darling of @washingtonpost
* Harsh Mander, a leftist favorite
* Saket Gokhale, filed petition
* IAMC, against the billboard in NY TimesSQ
How are they connected to $lamists and Communists?

All the way from #antiHindu #antiIndia to #antiAmerica #BLM straight to #Palestine!

Jumping onto the bandwagon of #victimcard just to establish a Islamic fascist regimes.

These connections are deeper....all the way to Soros.
EqualityLabs, founder Thenmozhi Soundarajan
* staged herself as 'Dalit'
* daughter of a doctor (is she underprivileged?)
* born in the U.S.

No one in America discriminated against her parents. But she brought 'Caste' here to U.S. to attack India & Hindus

Next target: BigTechs
Equality Labs founder Thenmozhi, goes by DalitDiva, is not just antiHindu, she is after everything India stands for - culturally, civilizationally & economically. She brought 'caste' here, & shoving it into the throat of U.S.

Does she know Muslims uses caste? Check the Examples.
These communists + Islamists organizations are connected in an huge nexus...usually under the 'INTERFAITH', civil rights, human rights, equality banners:

Equality Labs
Hindus For Human Rights
Students Against Hindutva
Indian American Muslim Council
StandwithKashmir...Al Jazeera...straight to @Georgetown

Through ivy leagues...of course, under the banner of 'interfaith', diversity, equality, human rights, civil rights.

What agenda #America has?
Started in @Yale, Students Against Hindutva targeted #Hindu festival #Holi to DEFAME India, along with @CollegeDems
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