I am currently drowning in manuscripts I am so excited about reading (& am preemptively bummed about because I know I can't sign them all). But something hit me as I was scrolling through my subs: 

#amquerying #writingcommunity #amagenting
Some of these I was iffy about from the pitch alone because they sounded like topics that had been done before or topics that don't normally interest me, but the writing blew me away. (Especially my #SFFpit queries?! Y'ALL. 🔥🔥🔥)
So, writers, a couple of reminders: Don't write for what's selling now (because even if you sold your book tomorrow, it might not come out for 2+ years), and don't NOT write what you want to write because it's not selling now or because someone else wrote something similar.
Write what you're passionate about. I truly believe an incredible voice telling the story of your heart can make ~anything~ sellable. Write with confidence & tell YOUR story. If your voice makes it feel new, it can work! It's 100% about voice. My inbox is proof of that.
Now, if you'll excuse me, you've all put me in a very difficult position with this reading I have to do.
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