thread on what’s happening in albania 🇦🇱 :
multiple forest fires have been reported all over the country and the fires are approaching housing which makes the situation even more disturbing. up to date, the fires have destroyed a total of 598 hectares of forest, including 2,419 olive trees and 217 fruit trees.
there are no international media outlets that have reported about this ans the government is struggling to do anything about the fires.
one of the most scary ones so far is the one in velipoja where the flames are being spread even more by strong winds and warm temperatures
residents are worried and have been asking for help from the air, a helicopter extinguished the fire two days ago but it reactivated again and so far there hasn’t been any more help since it’s impossible to extinguish them from the ground due to rugged mountainous terrain.
the forest of seman has been engulfed in flames for almost two days now, as authorities are struggling to put out the raging fires.

the forest has a mountainous terrain and as such has prevented fire trucks from fully accessing the area and putting out the fires.
the fires have spread across other areas in the south of albania, including the cities of gjirokastra and tepelena. four have been arrested, as they are believed to have started started the fire in gjirokastra.
please keep albania in your prayers and help spread awareness 🇦🇱❤️
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