[3/8] Interesting data from her FD-302; Someone at Twitter allegedly told the FBI that her account was created on June 9, 2019. (that would be huge if true, but it's not true as I'll show). Cassandra insisted she created the account on June 16.
[4/8] http://Archive.org  originally snapshotted her account on June 29, 2016 - but it's a thorough snapshot, and we can see as of this date (2 years prior to her FBI interview) that her oldest tweet is indeed June 16.
[5/8] Why would the FBI/twitter/Hillary/Brennan/Clapper #ObamaGate crew want her account to be one week older? The @DNC acknowledged the "hack"/"leak" from their email server on June 14, 2016 - right in the middle of these dates.
[6/8] Wikileaks announced their publication of these "hacked"/"leaked" emails on June 22. To this day, an average person wanting to learn about #ObamaGate might try #wikipedia; But their "consensus" leaves Cassandra Ford's parody twitter account attributed to Russia even today!
[7/8] Since 2016, critical thinkers have noted how easily it would be for anyone to use a Russian IP address via inexpensive (or free) VPN service to create the illusion of Russia. Real investigative journalists could have found the truth! @SharylAttkisson @CBS_Herridge
Interesting - so if you go to the 2nd or 3rd oldest archive for @guccifer2 and @guccifer_2, you can find the account metadata for the account age, according to the twitter backend. cc: @langdaleca #guccifer2 June 9, 2020!
So to recap: The FBI confronted Cassandra and said "you created your account on the 9th." (FD-302 earlier in this thread). She insisted she created it on the 16th. Oldest tweets are from the 16th.

Twitter engineer altered the date on the backend?
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