Sep 13: a vessel with 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate entered the Beirut port.

Oct 15: "the port authorities discharged the cargo onto the port’s warehouses. The vessel and cargo remain to date in port awaiting auctioning and/or proper disposal."
For Mia and her likes in Lebanon and elsewhere, stop with the fake propaganda and lies

The origin of the nitrate is known, it's been here since 2013/2014 and it has nothing to do with Hezbullah or Israel

You and MTV(Lebanon) can kindly STFU until we know at least the death toll
- Syrian president just called Aoun.

- Yemenese (Sanaa government) just issued a statement of condolences.
Hezbollah: This painful tragedy and its unprecedented devastation has grave consequences at various levels on human, health, social and economic necessitate.

All Lebanese and all political forces and national sectors should show solidarity, unity....
.... and joint action to overcome the effects of this cruel ordeal.

Hezbollah: On this sad occasion, we salute all the medical, nursing staff, humanitarian relief organizations, civil defense personnel and the brave firefighters for their great efforts in rescue...
... aid and assistance, and we put all our capabilities in the service of our honorable people and our dear citizens where needed." END
Alleged photos from UAE and Egypt tonight.
President Assad gives directions to the Syrian Red Cross to provide urgent aid to Lebanon.

Source: @AndrewBritani
I will not be posting any pictures of the Martyrs or injuried in respect to their memory and their families.

Others are advised to do so too.
MP Sethrida Geagea to MTV: I call on our people in Bcharri to open their homes for free to our people in Beirut following this catastrophe and I thank those who took initiative.
Here is some earlier footage I couldn't upload
Here is some earlier footage I couldn't upload
Here is some earlier footage I couldn't upload
Will not post aftermath footage.
Lebanese MOH: Number of martyrs now is 63+, with 3,600 injuries ranging between light and serious.

Many people died from car crashes, bodies are unidentifiable.
- President Erdogan spoke with Lebanon's President Michel Aoun saying that Turkey is ready to provide humanitarian aid after the blast.
More pictures from the port.

By: @timourazhari
Local wheat production only covers about 10% of Lebanese consumption.

The remainder is imported - principally from Russia. Almost all imported grain (80%+) enters trough that single terminal at the heart of the explosion.

Source: @tobiaschneider
Keneth, head of Human's right watch, who supported ISIS in 2014 is now spreading fake propaganda, especially after the origin of the nitrate was publically said.

He deleted his tweet. Kindly ignore his likes.
USA State Department: We are closely following reports of an explosion at or near the Port of Beirut on Aug 4. There are reports of toxic gases released in the explosion so all in the area should stay indoors and wear masks if available.
- Lebanon's Supreme Defense Council: Declaring Beirut a disaster area and recommending the government declare a state of emergency.
- Death toll is now 73, with more than 4,000 confirmed injury.
It seems the explosion(s) was so strong, it was picked up on seismometers up to 500 km away. This seismic section shows signals consistent with a location of Beirut. Not sure if we are seeing 2 sources or a secondary seismic arrival.

Source: @seismo_steve
For those who haven't been following up, here is a recap.

Lebanon confiscated 2,750 tons of nitrate heading to Africa on a Moldova ship with a Russian captain in 2013.

While welding today the sparks reached a fireworks depo that burned, and its sparks reached the nitrate depo.
Tens are still missing.

Prayers to all.
Iran's Parlimant Speaker message of solidarity with Lebanese, the government, and Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah. He also says he's in talks with the authorities to send aid.
USA State department Pompeo: I’d like to extend my deepest condolences to all those affected by the massive explosion at the port of Beirut on August 4. We are monitoring and stand ready to assist the people of Lebanon as they recover from this horrible tragedy.
The borders between Syria and Lebanon have been opened to contribute to the transportation of the injured by order of President Bashar al Assad according to People's Assembly Members.

Source: @AndrewBritani
- Hundreds currently waiting in lines all over Lebanon to donate blood.
For the Lebanese following me, these are names of the injuried in the AUB hospital.
The names of the injured wounded in Clemenceau Hospital - Bakhazi Hospital - Najjar Hospital - Trad Hospital.
All of the wheat in the port is useless now, it's all contaminated with toxics: Lebanon's minister of economy.
- Multiple staff members at Germany's embassy in Beirut have been injured in today's explosion.

- An Egyptian citizen was declared dead by the Egyptian embassy.
- Iraq just dispatched a plane with Medical aid and doctors.

- Iran just dispatched a plane(s) with Medical aid.
- High cancel of defense confirms the existence of 2,750 tons of nitarte there since 2013/2014, vows to uncover why they were there all this time.

- High council of defense will announce Beirut a disaster zone for 2 weeks.
Lebanese Supreme Council of Defense: Allocation of funds to hospitals to cover hospital expenses for the wounded and payment of compensation to the families of martyrs.

- Three days of mourning announced.
Around 20 Bangladesh Navy sailors from the BNS Bijoy corvette injured in Beirut port blast. One in critical condition, five moderately wounded).
The Castle-class corvette deployed in Lebanon to support the UNIFIL's MTF ("Maritime Task Force") was moderately damaged by the blast
- Three field hospitals will arrive tomorrow.

2 from Qatar with 500 beds each and 1 from Iraq.
- The US Embassy in Beirut is urging those in the area of the explosion to “stay indoors and wear masks if available” due to reports of toxic gases released from the blast.
- Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at least one Australian has been killed in the Beirut blast and the Australian Embassy building has been “significantly compromised”.

Technically most of Beirut was compromises.
- Iraq, Iran, France، Kuwait, and Qatar are the only ones officially sending aid.
- Glad to see people wearing masks on their way to donate blood.

I'm kinda out of words, Lebanon was already collapsed in every single sector and this just happened.
- President Trump expresses condolences to those killed and injured in Beirut explosion: "We will be there to help".

Trump: - The explosion in Beirut looks like a "terrible attack"
This is FAKE NEWS, ISIS didn't claim anything and the reason was already uncovered.

Kindly ignore this fake 7.3 million account.
And yeah kindly ignore the warmongers in Israel, not every warehouse in Lebanon in for Hezbullah.

The origin of the this nitrate was already uncovered. Like or not, the port and airport are one of the most monitored places in Lebanon by all, USA included and they know so.
- When a journalist asked Trump:

"Asked if he meant to call this an attack, Trump says yes, that those who briefed him (I think he said "the generals") believe it's an attack."
"They seem to think it was an attack -- a bomb of some kind," says @POTUS of US military leaders assessing the Beirut Blast.
Joe Biden: Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Lebanon, and the victims of the horrific explosion in Beirut. I urge both the Trump Administration and international community to immediately mobilize assistance to the thousands injured in the blast.
The level of air pollution is back to normal.
US State Department says that the US is awaiting results from the Lebanese gov't investigation into the Beirut Port incident.

It seems Trump didn't get the memo yet.
If you know anyone that is missing call 1214, the ministry of health is taking names and contacting hospitals.
- Prime Minister of the Netherlands states that 5 employees from the Netherlands Embassy were injured following the blast.

He also adds that the country stands in solidarity with the Lebanese people.
After more confirmation, this actually seems to be the depo with the confiscated Nitarte.
Moment of the Beirut port explosion during a mass broadcasted online (due to covid-19 situation).

Many similar videos all over Beirut.
- The number of Martyrs now is above 100.
Some technical details
- Premises of the Finnish mission in Beirut 2 km away from blast completely destroyed. Embassy confirms none were injuried.
3 U.S. Defense Department officials tell CNN that as of Tuesday night there is no indication they’ve seen that the massive explosions that rocked Beirut was an attack, as President Trump indicated during a question and answer session with reporters at the White House.
The problem is that the workers in the port didn't know there was nitrate there ...nor did the Firefighters.

All videos show them walking near the warehouse with fireworks as if it was a simple fire, they didn't expect that explosion.
Last update for today.

Another angle of the explosion.
French President Emmanuel Macron:
— "We are deploying a civil security detachment and several tonnes of medical equipment in Lebanon.

Emergency doctors will also reach Beirut as soon as possible to strengthen hospitals.

France is already engaged."
Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro:

— "Deeply saddened by the scenes of the explosion in Beirut.
Brazil is home to the largest Lebanese community in the world and, therefore, we feel this tragedy as if it were in our territory....
Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations will send 5 aircrafts to Beirut to help remove the aftermath of the explosion.
Until now, some members of the security forces that were on the scene are still missing.
Civil Defense Director General Raymond Khattar to MTV: We asked the Engineers Syndicate to send specialists to inspect the building of silos, and when we were given the green light we continued our search, and it is likely that there are missing people under the rubble (1/2)
Khattar to MTV: 6 bodies have been recovered from inside the port and 3 others from the sea. (2/2)
Head of the syndicate of hospitals: "We don't need beds, we are I urgent need for medical supplies".
More from Beirut's streets.
- Kuwaiti medical aid just arrived in Lebanon.
- 4 ships with wheat were waiting at sea because Lebanon was unable to pay for them.

- They will soon be unloaded in the port of Tripoli, north Lebanon.

- Currently, the wheat should last a month or two.
- Beirut Governor: We lost 10 members of the Beirut Firefighters unit and the size of the damages ranges between 3 and 5 billion dollars and perhaps more. Hundreds of Beirutis have become without housing.
- Sources to MTV: Preliminary information indicate that there are two martyrs from the Lebanese army, 6 missing, and 148 wounded in yesterday's blast.
A spokesman for the Iranian Red Crescent: We will send to Lebanon 2000 food packages estimated at 9 tons within 72 hours. Today, medicines and medical supplies will be sent to Beirut. An RDH hospital will be established and a 22-person medical team including specialists... (1/2)
in general medicine, orthopedics, operating rooms and doctors will be sent. (2/2)
Egyptian-owned cargo vessel was hit by the explosion - taking on water from damage, serious injuries on board.
- Orient Queen touristic ship fully sunk yesterday, killing 2 of its crew and injuring 6.
- NNA: Lebanese flag set at half-staff at entrance to the Grand Serail, to mourn the martyrs of Beirut Port explosion.

- Ministry of Health: "100 confirmed martyrs and more are still to be announced".

- AUB hospital: "Many bodies are still awaiting a DNA test to ID them".
Lebenese president Michel Aoun and Lebanese army chief of Staff Joseph Aoun are currently on the scene inspecting the damage.
- Rescue operations are still ongoing.

A civil defense volunteer was just rescued from under the rubble.
- The central bank of Lebanon set several accounts for donations from outside Lebanon.
The Chinese President sent a cable to President Aoun, comforting me: I received with great shock the news of a huge explosion in Beirut, and the resulting heavy human losses. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, and on my own behalf, I extend my sincere condolences...
to the victims and sincere sympathy to their loved ones and the injured. (END)
A day of mourning declared in Palestine with flags flying at half-mast in solidarity with Lebanon.
From a friend's shop in Beirut. The damage is extensive.
Health Minister Hamad Hassan to MTV: Yesterday, the number of coronavirus infections in Lebanon exceeded 200.

Note: The ministry of health didn't announce that yesterday, and tests are expected to be halted because the hospitals are not able to coup at all now.
- The Red Cross is coordinating with the Lebanese health ministry to set up morgues because hospitals have become "so overwhelmed", the head of Lebanon’s Red Cross tells Reuters.

The health sector officially collapsed fully.
Before and after satellite images.

Source of images: @Samir_Madani
The damage in the parliament. Part 1
Part 2
Israel's Moshe Feiglin: " I feel happy about what happened in Beirut, this is a gift by God to the Israelis on the event of the Jewish holiday of love that started yesterday and ends today"
- France will be sending a team of civil defense to assist Lebanon's.
- Head of Hotel Federation for Tourism Industries Pierre Achkar: 90 percent of Beirut hotels are damaged.

- Beirut Governor: " About 200-300k house was damaged"
- France is sending a third plane with medical aid.

- The Iraqi aid and doctors just left Baghdad towards Beirut.
- Drone footage of the massive destruction.
Video of locals claiming they found pieces of the rocket that allegedly targeted the warehouse.

They claim a piece had "foreign language". Will wait for the pictures to surface.
- A close up to the grain silos and the crater.
- PM Hassan Diab: The investigation file must be a priority, and its results must be rapid; the scale of the disaster is far greater than what can be described.
- Saad Al Hariri, PM in 2016-2019, was attackerd by protesters on his way to pray on his father's grave in downtown Beirut.

- MTV correspondent: Beirut Port explosion damaged the Archdiocese of Beirut and Sagesse School in Ashrafieh
- Pictures of the damage to Mohammed Al Amin Mosque in downtown Beirut.
The ship is now fully sunk.
Hellenic Air Force C130 Greek Fire Brigade search and rescue team en route to Lebanon

(Source: @GDarkconrad)
- A limited fight erupted because of Saad Hariri's provocative visit to downtown Beirut, knowing that he was the PM during the period after the shipment was seized.

What an imbecile
Extremely suspicious flight (dodgy hex code BA3CC4) currently tracking off the coast of Lebanon.

Source: @GDarkconrad
- Macron will visit Lebanon tomorrow and will meet Lebanese political figures.
Hasan Quraytem, head of the port: We stored the nitrate in ward 12 according to a court order and we knew they were dangerous but not to this degree.
- MTV Channel is on full disinformation campaign.

It's high time they get shut down like before, especially with their owner a convicted with corruption and bribery.
Qatar Air Force C17 Globemaster III en route to Lebanon, Qatar sends two field hospitals and urgent medical assistance to Lebanon

(Source: @GDarkconrad)
- Clashes are still ongoing between protesters and pro Hariri supporters after Hariri's provocative visit to downtown Beirut.
- Several Security forces got injuried, including a serious injury after a rock hit the head of one.
- The Tunisian president offered bringing 100 injuried to Tunis to be medically cared after.
- McDonalds is distributing food to some of the locals in Beirut.
- A building just collapsed in Gemayzi.

Any locals near the area, help is needed there.
Actress Nadine Nassib Njeim hospitalized and her house damaged after yesterday's blast.

She's one of hundreds still in hospitals.
- Qatari aid just arrived.

- Egypt is now loading two planes with aid, heading to Beirut.
- Several thieves were arrested, trying to steal abandoned cares in Beirut.
- General Security mourns 3 of its members.

Fares, Joe, and Ceaser.
- For anyone wondering what judge first handled this case, this is the official court order of confiscation from 27/6/2014
- Current state of saint George (Al Roum) hospital that went out of service yesterday.
- Defense Minister Zeina Aker calls for the implementation of Article 11 of the Emergency Law, which stipulates the right of the army to suppress freedom of the media during the emergency period.

She also wants to be in control of all the medical aid that is coming.
- Health Minister Hamad Hassan asked during the cabinet session: "Is it required to abolish the Ministry of Health, and give its powers to the Minister of Defense and confiscate all medical benefits?"
- Volunteers now helping clean in Gemayzi area.

- At 5 near Musharafiah a group of locals from Dahyeh will gather and head to Beirut to help the locals and clean.
- Greek aid just landed.

- The first plane carrying Iranian aid for Lebanese people will arrive in Beirut today, says Iranian embassy.
- A new angle of the incident.
Sadly they got killed.
Another before and after.
- According to local reports there are many unaccounted for deaths laying dead in their homes in Mar Mikhail Al Nahr.

Red cross and others haven't been able to coup with the injuried and dead yet.
- Government order: " All officials connected to the port are to be home restrained until the end of the investigation and blocked from traveling".
- Official death toll rises to 115.

Tens are still missing, and 10's are in surgery now.
- All talk of jets over Beirut is somehow inaccurate.

Yes IDF jets according to the Lebanese army were all over Lebanon yesterday, but all talk of them actually being over the scene and stricking is inaccurate until now.

Only the army can confirm or deny, and it's too early.
- The Lebanese army is asking everyone to avoid using drones over Beirut because it's affecting the movement of firefighting helicopters.

IDF drones included.
Official statement can be read here
- MOI Fahmi in response to a question about a video of people saying they saw an Israeli aircraft yesterday: "This is fake news"

- Fahmi: I have not been informed of the reports, and I was not aware of Beirut Port file; I do not turn a blind eye to any file
- More images of the aftermath.
- Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad after Cabinet session in Baabda: We adopt what was issued in the statement of the Higher Defense Council, especially in terms of declaring Beirut a disaster-stricken city.
- Iranain aid is being loaded in the cargo planes in Tehran now.
New document: The Manifest and the Customs Directorate did not respond to the letter of the Chief of the Anti-Narcotics Division at Customs in February 2014, which requested the transfer of the ship RHOSUS and to place it under the...(1/2)
...supervision of the security services present at the port, but rather it was transported from the platform to the amber.(2/2)
- The group of fighters that was sent to its death by the head of the port, knowing that there is nitarte there.

Second photo is minutes before the explosion.
- The Internal Security Forces mourn its martyr, Gerges Daibes, who was martyred due to the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut.
- After his security beated the volunteers in downtown Beirut, Hariri is now meeting with all ex prime ministers since 2005.

- UAE is preparing 30 tons of medical aid to be sent to Lebanon.
- The Public Prosecution in Paris opens an investigation following the injury of at least 21 French in the Beirut explosion.
- Beirut Governor appeals to citizens to stay away from the Charles Helou Bridge after information indicated that it was cracked.
Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami in a telephone conversation with his Lebanese counterpart @zeinaakar expressed his country's readiness to send more healthcare professionals and medical equipment.
- Governor of Beirut: We could not find any evidence of the missing Beirut Fire Brigade members, except of the female martyr Suha Fares.

There bodies likely evaporated or thrown into the sea
For locals, tonight after the news broadcast at 7:50 pm on Al Jadeed, the names of all the those responsibile for the depo will be exposed.
- Security forces for some reason haven't restricted access to the scene, anyone can enter it

- ex PM Senioira is calling for an international court.(Well till we pay for the first that has been here for the last decade and was greatly comprised to evidence tampering and faking)
- Number of martyrs is now 135, with 5,000 confirmed injury.
Israeli media: Work ongoing to clear the Haifa Bay from dangerous materials in the wake of the Beirut explosion.

Why the hell are they doing so now?
- The Lebanese army mourns the loss of Jawad Shea and Hasan Tay.
- The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Postponement of the sentencing session for the Hariri assassination.
- Blood donation taking place in Gaza for Lebanon.

Note: I am not sure how they will get delivered.
It is postponed to the 18th of August.
- 2x Qatar AF C17 Gloemaster II en route to Lebanon

- 2x Russian EMERCON aircrafts en route to Lebanon.

(Source: @GDarkconrad)
- Czech Embassy: $ 400,000 in financial aid to Lebanon, and 36 search and rescue experts and trained dogs.

- UK is sending 5 million pounds worth of aid.

- Iran announced it's sending infrastructure aid.
- Iran is currently displaying the flag of Lebanon on their Azadi tower in Tehran.
- Iran's revolution leader sends a message of condolences and sympathy to Lebanon.
- Search is still ongoing with two dozen syrians still missing in Beirut aside from about a couple dozen of martyred Syrians.

- A little girl being saved from under the rubble:
- The investigation committee for the Beirut Port explosion is holdinh its first meeting now.

- UAE aid just arrived to the airport.
- Beirut Governor: The destruction in Lebanon is estimated at 10-15 billion dollar.

Note: Lebanon needed 15 billion dollar to save its economy and currency. Now any hope is almost lost.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
- CNN: The US State Department is "aware of at least one U.S. citizen killed, and several more injured, by the explosion in Beirut".
- Picture from the first meeting of the investigation committee.

Between today and Monday, if PM Hassan Diab fails to reach a conclusion that takes high profile names to prison, he will lose the last small support his government has.
- Charl Helo bridge is officially safe for travel, after a team of engineers inspected it.
- Rescue and medical personnel from Turkey's health ministry, disaster management department and Red Crescent being sent to Lebanon – Turkish foreign ministry
- USA State Department Pompeo: "We will announce our aid to Lebanon in the upcoming days".
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747 EP-FAB , carrying medical aid, en route to Lebanon.

(Source: @GDarkconrad)
- Iranians earlier today near the Lebanese embassy in Iran.
UK: The @RoyalNavy will help the city of Beirut prepare to rebuild its port by sending the survey vessel @HMSEnterprise to Lebanon

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has authorised the deployment of HMS Enterprise in support of the Lebanese government at this tragic time. @BWallaceMP
- The missing, Ameen Zahid, was found in the sea, still alive.

If anyone knows his family, kindly inform them or pass the word.
- This is the list of all martyrs found now in governmental hospitals.

Several are unknown.
Iraq: The Prime Minister obtained the approval to form an urgent committee to inventory the accumulated containers in the high-risk chemical at ports.

It seems what happened in Lebanon awakened many other nations to the risk of neglect.
- The Lebanese army mourns the loss of its third soldier, officer Kamal Kafa.
- The first Iranain plane with aid arrived now in the airport.
Patriarch Kirill Sends Condolences over the Tragedy in Beirut.
- List of martyrs currently found in private hospitals.

Several are unknown (unidentified)
- Poland also sending search and rescue personnel and material assistance to Beirut.
Trump's chief of staff told CNN that President's remarks about a possible attack in Beirut port are based on intelligence reports.

He still claims that this possibility has not ruled out. No one else says that, and US officials contradicted Trump yesterday.

Source: @guyelster
According to friends close to the family and others, Imad and his wife are alive and currently at the hospital.

Amazing news
USA: "I don't think anybody can say right now. Some people think it's attack. And some people think it wasn't," Trump says when asked about the discrepancy between him saying the Beirut blast looked like an attack while his defense secretary said most believe it's an accident.
The official death toll is now 140 with 94 still missing.

5300+ are confirmed injuried.
- A diplomat from the German embassy in Beirut died in Tuesday's blast.
- Part of the Iranian aid that arrived yesterday.
- French president Macron arrived to Lebanon and is seen in this picture meeting with president Aoun.
- Hezbullah MP Cheri confront's MTV correspondent's disinfo during his visit to the port, claiming she's parroting Gulf and western media accusing Hezbullah of something non existent and unrelated to them at all.
- About 8,000 building is damaged, and 80,000 apartment - Official number.

- The Lebanese army and security forces reinforced their presence near the port to preserve the area
- The French president is inspecting the damage in Gemayzi and Mar Michael.
French President Macron says will pitch 'new political deal' to Lebanon leadership.

Yeah like I said to some people yesterday, they are going to stage a coup and a political reshuffle.
- Macron in Gemayzi: "It's high time we change the regime/system"
Lebanon is now officially entering into a 2005 tier political fuss.

1- Fake accusations
2- Foreign call for authority change
3- Calling for an internal court
4- The same old civil war hawks attacking their political opponents and calling for confrontation. (Joumblat and Gaegae)
- Locals in Gemayzi area calling for the fall of the regime.
- Macron is now heading to the presidential palace to meet with President Aoun.

- Parliament speaker is heading to the presidential palace too.
- Macron is privately talking with president Aoun now.

- He is expected to meet with the parliament speaker and PM next.
- A delegation from the Loyalty to Resistance Bloc (Hezbullah's parliament represents) headed by representative Mohamed Raad will meet th French President Emmanuel Macron at the Pine Palace in Beirut later today.
Ayatollah Sistani issued a statement on the devastating event of Beirut Explosion in the port, expressing his sorrow and calling it “tragic and heartbreaking” while asking all to show solidarity and “help in every possible way”.

Source: @IraqLiveUpdate
The Army Command - Orientation Directorate mourns the retired Brigadier General Jihad Omar, who died as a result of the catastrophic explosion in Beirut.
- The Army Command - Orientation Directorate mourns Captain Ayman Nour El-Din, who was killed by the catastrophic explosion in Beirut.
- PM Diab and Parliament speaker Berri left the presidential palace without talking to the press.
- Macron is talking now live on TV.

Can Lebanese Channels kindly translate, we kinda aren't French.
- French President Emmanuel Macron from Baabda: The first goal of this visit is to express our solidarity with Lebanon and the Lebanese people after August 4 blast and to stand by the wounded and relatives of the dead and the affected.
- Macron: Investigations must be done transparently to find out what actually happened and caused the explosion in Beirut.
- Macron from Baabda: I noted the anger that is present on the streets of Lebanon. 

- Macron: Strong political measures needed to fight against corruption and lead to reforms for Lebanon.

He says his visit is not only related to the explosion, but has a political background.
- Macron: I spoke frankly and transparently with the three presidents regarding the need to fight corruption, implement reforms, conduct a transparent investigation into what is happening in the banking system, and continue dialogue with the IMF
- Macron when asked did you discuss your actions here with the USA, he said: " It is the USA that talks to us about what happens in Lebanon".
- Health Minister: The speedy intervention of the Russian team and the setting up of the field hospital is good and it's ready to receive the sick and wounded.
- The Russians brought in a lab to help in COVID-19 testing, after the ministry of health faced issues due to the huge burden on the health sector.
MOH Hassan: A number of Arab and European embassies and health ministries have contacted us and extended a helping hand to Lebanon; since yesterday, aircraft carrying aid have started arriving, and coordination is taking place between the Health Ministry and the Lebanese army.
- Macron is currently meeting with the heads of all parliamentary blocs in the pine palace.

The pine palace is the official residence of the French ambassador, and the place were the creation of the state of Lebanon was annoyed.
- According to Iran's Foreign Ministry’s spokesman @SAMOUSAVI9 , Iran will provide Lebanon with construction materials needed for reconstruction of damaged properties and infrastructures.
- NNA: An Italian military plane carrying medical aid to Lebanon has landed at Beirut airport.

- NNA: Tunisian military plane carrying medical aid has landed at Rafic Hariri International Airport.
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