Fandom police: Dazai is abusive there is no excuse for it, we have to hold characters to realistic standards

Me: okay

Me: then realistically Fukuzawa would be arrested for child endangerment

Fandom Police:
or the bomb fiasco in S1 Ep 2 was abSOLUTELY false imprisonment

or the fact that he sent an emotionally damaged 14 year old girl out with a taser and she tased several bystanders

what i'm saying is, REALISTICALLY speaking the ADA is a GROSSLY negligent employer and i'm SUING
and come to think of it, if Ranpo brings in all of this money solving cases and you've got all of these people working overtime but receiving relatively low wages for pretty hazardous work...

...Where's the money going, Fukuzawa?

Silver wolf?? more like wolf of WALLSTREET SMH
moral of the story: you can dislocate your shoulders trying to reach and make other people's favs look bad, or we can all just shut up and enjoy the show, bc it's about organized crime and there's such a thing as relative morality
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