A THREAD EXPLAINING WHAT'S HAPPENING IN LEBANON! (and please don't ignore this a lot has been happening there for months)
let's start with the prices and food situation. ever since 2019 the prices of food have increased by a huge percentage (56% to be exact) and the majority of the country right now is relying on food banks to get their basics. this started after anti-government protests +
happened in October of last year and over 300k out of around 6 million in the country lost their jobs which means they also lost the ability to have money to buy their food, and if the country loses the money that's being used for stuff like feul, medicine and bread they'd have +
a repeat of a famine that happened between 1915-18 that caused the country to lose about half it's population. so for now the rich people are rich and the middle class citizens are poor and the poor ones are destitute. MOST OF THEM CAN'T BUY THEIR NECESSITIES!
now let's talk about the currency. in Lebanon they use lira (their main currency) and dollars since the economy there is heavily dependent on the exchange rate with US dollar, and many day-to-day transactions are done using both dollars and liras. so now if we wanna +
connect that to the food situation we can say that two pounds of red meat that used to cost 9$ now cost around 43$ or around 65,000 liras. so since October the Lebanese currency (lira) has lost 80% of it's value.
I already said before that protests occurred in Lebanese in October of 2019 but didn't explain why so here's why. these protests have originally began as a proposed tax on WhatsApp but grew into a movement against the Lebanese government for the following reasons:
- epidemic corruption
- failure to improve the economy
- extreme income inequality
- deteriorating living conditions
now let's talk about class in Lebanese. The World Bank estimated in 2019 that 48% of the citizens lived below the poverty line, and you can imagine how things are almost a year later.
I have no idea how to explain this so please take some time to read what's in the picture
we also can't forget that we're in the middle of a pandemic so here's how the situation been there
tw// explosions
I also wanna add that explosions have been happening in Lebanon and here are a few videos
petitions don't do anything so share whatever you find and spread awareness, also donate if you can
you can go to other_collective on Instagram to check their post about this, they also have other posts about other world issues
LEBANESE VOICES NEED TO BE HEARD STOP CARING ABOUT THE WEST ALONE. people are dying in the middle east and no one fucking cares
everyone in Lebanon please stay safe
I've always seen Lebanon as one of the most beautiful countries out there and knowing this is happening there breaks my heart no joke
For my Lebanese followers:

if your ears are ringing/hurting dont drink caffiene or any stimulus drink, avoid loud noises (put ear plugs or anything that can decrease your hearing), & avoid social media platforms if theyre making you stress more. Stress increases the pain!
this is copied so please share it or copy it and tweet yourself
if you kow anyone in need of food, water or a shelter please share this^
PLEASE SHARE THIS https://twitter.com/innterstaellar/status/1290734351219429377?s=19
tw // blood, injuries and hospitals https://twitter.com/cruelnialls/status/1290719870116605954?s=19
someone translated the thread in French so if any French speakers want to read it because it'll help them understand the situation better, here it is https://twitter.com/pieddanslo/status/1290873694827548672?s=19
a translation in Portuguese https://twitter.com/davvinun/status/1290984182471172098?s=19
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