(THREAD) This thread contains every lie Trump told to Jonathan Swan of Axios. The truth immediately follows each lie.

Please retweet this widely. America already knows its president is a liar, but now that he's losing his re-election campaign badly, he's taken it to a new level.
LIE: Trump says that—despite growing up in the "church" of Norman Vincent Beale's now-infamous philosophy of "positive thinking"—he's equally committed to always seeing the downside of a scenario.

TRUTH: Trump aides' books confirm he won't hear bad news—and it endangers America.
LIE: Trump says his "incredible" pandemic response is evident in him stopping all people from coming to the US from China.

TRUTH: The NYT reports that Trump's "ban" had so many loopholes that 40,000 came to the US from China *just* in the 5 weeks immediately following the order.
LIE: Trump says "practically no one" wanted him to do the "China travel ban."

TRUTH: In fact, issuing such a ban was the almost unanimous advice Trump received from his White House advisers, who talked him into doing it. He has constructed a fantasy "hero" narrative around this.
LIE: Trump says that he issued his loophole-riddled "ban" on travel from China "very early in January."

FALSE: The order was issued at the very *end* of January, and for reasons that remain unexplained, was not an immediate order—so it didn't take effect until early *February*.
LIE: Trump says he put a "ban on Europe."

TRUTH: Trump emphatically *didn't* put a "ban" on all of Europe in March 2020, weeks after his China order (NB: the NYT later reported the virus came to NYC mainly from Europe—not China). He exempted any country with a Trump golf course.
LIE: Trump says the US would've lost "hundreds of thousands more [lives]" by now if he hadn't put his loophole-riddled travel orders on China and part of Europe.

TRUTH: By the time Trump's Europe order came it was too late to substantially slow the spread of the virus in the US.
LIE: Trump said his advisers told him his China ban was too "severe."

TRUTH: In fact, Trump's DHHS secretary, Alex Azar, has explicitly said the opposite: that the order was intended to be incremental and was constructed that way. It was not intended—ever—to be a "severe" order.
LIE: Trump says "nobody knew what this [COVID-19] was all about."

TRUTH: Trump received urgent warnings at the White House throughout the fall of 2019 about the risk of a pandemic *just* like this one and then—in November—received intel warnings about an emerging virus in China.
LIE: Trump says the 1918 pandemic was unlike this one because it was a "flu"—and that's why COVID-19 threw everyone everywhere for a loop.

TRUTH: Trump began the pandemic trying to convince America COVID-19 was indeed just like the flu—even as experts were telling him otherwise.
LIE: Trump says that of the 188 countries with COVID-19, "some are suffering proportionately far greater than we are."

TRUTH: The U.S. ranks 1st of 188 in total cases. Per capita, it ranks 7th in deaths and 8th in cases—and these rankings are rising toward "1st of 188" rankings.
LIE: Trump says China "sent" the virus "one way or another."

TRUTH: The Pentagon says it has no evidence China deliberately "sent" the virus to anyone. Even as to possible accidental outbreak in a "wet market," there is evidence the virus was elsewhere in the world before China.
LIE: Trump says the U.S. economy pre-pandemic was the best in American history.

TRUTH: No, it wasn't.
LIE: Trump says his trade war led to "billions" in US revenues—which went to "the farmers."

TRUTH: It's the opposite. The trade war has cost billions and harmed US farmers immeasurably. There's evidence from Trump aides that the trade war was a political ploy to gain reelection.
LIE: Trump says his orders "closed down" the US economy and protected America.

TRUTH: Trump had nothing to do with closing down the US economy. In states where it happened, it was the decision of the governor—in states where it didn't, it's because *Trump convinced them not to*.
LIE: Trump says he saved "millions of lives."

TRUTH: There's no evidence of this. For this ("millions") to be true, IHME projections would have to have been that more than 2.5 million Americans were going to die from COVID-19 (as we're heading toward 500,000 now). They were not.
LIE: Trump says he opposed any "herd immunity" plan.

TRUTH: Trump was the *top proponent in the White House* for letting COVID-19 "wash over" America through a "herd immunity" plan that could've killed 2 million people. The NYT reports that Trump wouldn't stop insisting on this.
LIE: Trump says those who "really understand" COVID-19 say he's done an "incredible" job on it.

TRUTH: No medical experts say so. No one who "really understands" COVID-19 says so. The only public statements of this sort come from inside the administration (e.g., from Bill Barr).
LIE: Trump says "nobody knew" how contagious COVID-19 was when he issued a China travel "ban" in early February.

TRUTH: The Trump White House knew this by November 2019—via multiple briefings. There were many more—from multiple sources—in December. And dozens throughout January.
LIE: Trump says "12,000, not 6,000" people attended his Tulsa rally, which appears to have sickened hundreds and may have caused the death of Herman Cain, a 2012 Republican presidential candidate (in fact the leader of the GOP field for a part of fall 2011).

TRUTH: It was 6,000.
LIE: Trump says #BlackLivesMatter protesters made his Tulsa rally site an "armed camp" that you "couldn't get into."

TRUTH: There is no evidence of threats being made with weapons at the event, and video from the site showed Trump supporters having no difficulty getting inside.
(THREAD UPDATE) That's 20 lies so far. We're 5 minutes and 47 seconds into a *37 minute, 53 second* video.
LIE: Trump says the COVID-19 pandemic was "pretty much over" in Oklahoma when he picked the site.

TRUTH: The opposite is true—cases were rising there at the time and Trump was strongly warned not to hold his rally. The result of the rally (illness and death) was widely foretold.
LIE: Trump says that cases in the Tulsa area didn't start going up until a "month" after his rally.

TRUTH: Not only is this false, but the infection to data-cognizable timeline for COVID-19 is 2 to 4 weeks—suggesting any post-Tulsa-rally rises were indeed connected to the rally.
LIE: Trump then "corrects" himself to say that Oklahoma "spiked" in COVID-19 cases not one month after his rally, but "one and a half or two months" after.

TRUTH: Trump here deliberately makes his lie *worse*, not better. His "correction" is actually a much worse prevarication.
LIE: Trump says the Tulsa rally had a "tremendous" response.

TRUTH: Not only was the arena only one-third filled—Trump had promised a sellout—but a corresponding outside event had to be cancelled. The much-vaunted "1 million preorders" turned out to be largely kids using TikTok.
LIE: Trump said "we couldn't get anybody in" to the Tulsa rally, and that that's why its attendance was so low.

TRUTH: Video from the event confirms that everyone who wanted to get in, got in. There were *no* crowds of people waiting to get in that did not. This is pure fantasy.
LIE: Trump said he cancelled a subsequent New Hampshire rally "for the same reason"—i.e., public health reasons.

TRUTH: Nope. Trump had a chance to tell the truth about why he cancelled the Portsmouth rally, but chose to lie: he said it was the weather. The weather was gorgeous.
LIE: Trump says "right now it [COVID-19] is under control."

TRUTH: Trump's entire coronavirus task force explicitly says otherwise, and is doing so publicly on a daily basis. Right now, more than *a thousand Americans a day* are dying of the virus. It is 100% *uncontrolled* now.
LIE: Trump says "we are doing everything we can" to slow the virus and keep people safe.

TRUTH: There's no evidence of this. Not only is Trump fighting COVID-19-safe balloting measures for November, he refuses to enact the DPA regularly and won't push for maximum testing rates.
LIE: Trump says Arizona and Texas are seeing decreases in COVID-19 infections.

TRUTH: The data on this is mixed, and moreover Trump has a consistent pattern of listing off large numbers of states that are improving when in fact *many* of them are getting measurably much worse.
LIE: Trump says there's no chance the infection and death rates will go back to spring levels.

TRUTH: The infection data is already *two and a half times* worse than March and April, and the death rate—even before school re-openings bump it upward—is edging toward spring levels.
LIE: Trump says infections are going down in Florida.

LIE: Trump says he "never gets bored of talking about the virus."

TRUTH: In June and July major media reported that Trump had stopped communicating much with his task force and seemed committed to rarely discussing COVID-19. He's only just changed his tune—for political reasons.
LIE: Trump says "at this moment" the death toll is 140,000.

TRUTH: It's actually 160,000—14.2% higher than Trump said. That's a *staggering* percentage for the president to be off, given that he's briefed daily on the death toll and his error represents *20,000 dead Americans*.
LIE: Trump says "governors wouldn't have equipment" to fight COVID-19 if not for him.

TRUTH: In fact Jared Kushner's pandemic response team created a situation in which governors had to *compete* with the federal government to get equipment—and generally procure it on their own.
LIE: Trump says "there are those who say you can test too much."

TRUTH: Literally no one with any knowledge of epidemiology says this.
LIE: Trump says the "manuals" he has say "you can test too much."

TRUTH: Trump actually has *two* government pandemic-response manuals he's supposed to be guided by—and per reporting, he's ignored basically every prescription in both of them (neither says you can test too much).
LIE: Trump calls PCP/hospital COVID-19 tests "point-to-point" testing.

TRUTH: I find no evidence of this term being used with respect to COVID-19 tests. Trump seems to be referring to "point-of-care" testing. That he fakes knowing such a basic term underscores his lack of focus.
LIE: Trump says that non-point-of-care COVID-19 testing has seen Americans waiting "three, four, five days" for results.

TRUTH: The wait is actually 10 to 15 days in many instances—very, very few Americans are seeing "three"- or "four"-day wait times for non-point-of-care tests.
LIE: Trump repeated his already-infamous lie that America is only seeing a rise in cases due to testing.

TRUTH: As has been universally reported, "positivity rates" are rapidly increasing across America—confirming that cases are going up because of widespread virus transmission.
LIE: Trump says "other countries don't test [as much as] we do."

TRUTH: The United States has actually ranked *below 30th worldwide* for much of the pandemic in per capita testing. At the moment America occupies its *highest-ever* global position in this critical category: 18th.
(THREAD UPDATE) We are now at 40 significant lies in 12 minutes.
LIE: "We are so much better at testing than any other country in the world."

TRUTH: Not only was the first test the administration developed broken; not only did Trump tout "instant" testing that turned out to have a 50% error rate; as noted already, the U.S. *lags* in testing.
LIE: Trump says that the U.S. is "lowest in numerous categories" relating to COVID-19 deaths; "lower than the world," he insists.

TRUTH: This is 100% false. Even the documents Trump provided on-air don't show the U.S. ranking best in the world in any COVID-19 mortality category.
LIE: Trump says "you can't go by" per capita deaths.

TRUTH: Trump, his team, and his supporters have been telling Americans for *months* that per capita death data is the *only* data they can or will trust (not total death count). This is a complete evacuation of that position.
LIE: Trump implied South Korea is faking their death toll.

TRUTH: There is no evidence of this. (Note that Trump is talking about our *close ally* South Korea here, not China.)
LIE: Trump says daily COVID-19 deaths are "way down" from this spring.

TRUTH: The U.S. is seeing about 1,400 daily deaths mid-week; in the spring, it was seeing about 1,700 daily deaths mid-week. *No credible account of this* would call the death toll "way down" from the spring.
LIE: Trump says he couldn't bring up the Kremlin assassination scheme targeting US soldiers with Putin because his recent phone call was about "other things."

TRUTH: Trump's staff helps set call agendas—and as Trump showed with Zelensky, he can bring up whatever he wants anyway.
LIE: Trump says that many in the U.S. government have called the Kremlin assassination scheme "fake news."

TRUTH: No one in government has said this—except him and his immediate subordinates in the White House.
LIE: Trump says "he would have no problem" discussing the Kremlin assassination scheme targeting U.S. soldiers with Vladimir Putin.

TRUTH: There is no evidence suggesting this statement is true—there is *only* evidence indicating that it is false, and will remain so permanently.
LIE: Trump claims that in order to hurt him politically, the U.S. media focuses exclusively on Russia and "never brings up China."

TRUTH: It's almost not worth pointing out how big and unhinged this lie is.
LIE: Trump says nuclear proliferation is a "much bigger problem [now] than global warming, in terms of the real world."

TRUTH: It's a *big* problem—though it's also been a problem for decades, and is in a steady-state at the moment. It's not in the same league as climate change.
LIE: Trump says the Kremlin assassination scheme targeting U.S. soldiers "never reached [his] desk."

TRUTH: This is a lie—he was briefed on it. He chose to ignore it, and thereafter constructed a fantasy—existing only in his own head—that it had never been brought to him at all.
LIE: Trump says the intelligence community didn't consider "real" or "worthy [of being communicated to the president]" the Kremlin's ongoing assassination scheme targeting US soldiers.

TRUTH: This is a knowing lie to protect himself and Vladimir Putin—as already indicated above.
LIE: Trump says he reads his President's Daily Brief.

TRUTH: Most of his current and former aides say he doesn't.
LIE: Trump says he "handles intelligence better than anyone you've interviewed in a long time."

TRUTH: Trump is famous for ignoring and denigrating U.S. intelligence—opting instead to get "intelligence" from blogs, far-right commenters, anonymous Twitter trolls, and the Kremlin.
LIE: Trump explains not challenging Putin on supplying weapons to the Taliban—to fight US troops—by equating it to the US supplying Afghanistan with arms after the Soviet Union invaded it.

TRUTH: Comparing the two conflicts is an obscenity, and dovetails with Kremlin propaganda.
LIE: Trump says the Kremlin arming the Taliban has "never reached [his] desk."

TRUTH: It has.
LIE: Russia "doesn't want anything to do with Afghanistan."

TRUTH: It always has and it always will and it does right now.
LIE: Trump says the reason the Soviet Union fell apart was Afghanistan.

TRUTH: It may have contributed to the breakup of the USSR but—consistent with Kremlin propaganda—Trump eliminates the oppressiveness of the Soviet regime pushing onetime Soviet republics toward independence.
LIE: "We're largely out of Afghanistan."

TRUTH: False. There were 8,800 troops in Afghanistan when Trump came into office. After a surge of thousands of new troops the current level is 8,500—just 300 fewer troops than under Obama, who Trump castigates for his Afghanistan policy.
LIE: A Trump 2016 campaign promise was to get out of Afghanistan.

TRUTH: The *best-case scenario* Trump presents is that—after *4 years in office*—troop levels in Afghanistan will be around 5,000, instead of around 9,000. That's the *best-case scenario* (it hasn't happened yet).
(THREAD UPDATE) We're now at *60 significant lies* in just 21.5 minutes.

I'm doing this to underscore to major media that *you must stop interviewing Trump* because *he cannot be effectively fact-checked*. I've spent 2+ hours already doing this—and have 13 minutes of video left.
LIE: Trump says he destroyed 100% of ISIS.

TRUTH: That may have been briefly true—until Trump let Turkey invade Syria under the business-related "conflict of interest" Trump *admits* he has with Erdogan due to his Turkish business. *Thousands* of ISIS fighters escaped captivity.
LIE: Trump says taking out Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was something "no one thought possible."

TRUTH: Nope—it's the opposite. The US government has *always* known, for *several* administrations, it could get Soleimani whenever it wanted. It was considered counterproductive.
LIE: Trump says "Hillary Clinton never accepted" the results of the 2016 election.

TRUTH: Clinton conceded publicly, clearly, directly and unambiguously—and took no action to contest the election-night tabulation of popular votes or electoral college votes. It's a Trump fantasy.
LIE: Trump says he won the 2016 election "easily."

TRUTH: Trump actually *lost* the popular vote by *millions and millions* of voters—and then won the electoral college by approximately 70,000 votes, making him one of the biggest popular-vote losers ever to take the Oval Office.
LIE: Trump says mail-in voting is a "new phenomenon."

TRUTH: {facepalm} No... {*sigh*}... it's not new.
LIE: Trump says the U.S. has "never" processed millions and millions of mail-in ballots.

TRUTH: Wildly false. Three U.S. states have universal mail-in balloting options, and combined these states have processed *over 250 million such ballots* in the last 20 years.
LIE: Trump says every state is going to automatically send ballots all over the place.

TRUTH: No, many states will send ballot *applications* to every registered voter—hardly "all over the place"—and a small number will send ballots to all registered voters (wholly appropriate).
LIE: Trump says "nobody knows where the ballots are going."

TRUTH: Just...every part of this is false. They're largely ballot *applications*, and they go to *registered voters*—exactly as they should. Fraud is virtually non-existent in mail-in balloting, per U.S. voting history.
LIE: Trump says "absentee" ballots are fine because they're different from "mail-in" ballots.

TRUTH: As CNN (Dana Bash on Anderson Cooper 360) reported just yesterday—and as dozens and dozens of journalists have reported in recent weeks—"it's a distinction without a difference."
LIE: There's no way you can go through a mail-in vote without "massive cheating," Trump insists.

TRUTH: Voter fraud is *virtually nonexistent* with mail-in voting, per *every single study ever done on the subject* (and there are many). This is a massive and deliberate Trump lie.
LIE: Trump says the GOP supports mail-in balloting only because "we have no choice," due to Democrats pushing it.

TRUTH: Both parties have always supported mail-in balloting when it helps them—it's Trump who's suddenly turned Republican rhetoric on this issue wholly upside-down.
LIE: Trump again used the racist term "China virus."

TRUTH: Let's be clear: the term "China virus" is racist and a lie because it's racialized fear-mongering. Evidence puts SARS-CoV-2 in Europe and South America before China, and we *still* don't know where the virus originated.
LIE: Trump said mail-in balloting was never used during prior national emergencies.

TRUTH: It's been used since the Civil War—including during both world wars. (Trump says this pandemic is a "war.")
LIE: Trump says it will take "many months" to know who won the November election if mail-balloting is widely used.

TRUTH: There's absolutely no evidence this is even remotely true.
LIE: Trump claims not to know what Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested for.

TRUTH: He knows. Indeed, he's even appeared to acknowledge it in the past. Bizarre that he lies about it now.
LIE: Trump says he wished accused child-sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell "well" because he wishes "everyone" well who faces legal liability.

TRUTH: Trump torches his enemies with claims of "fraud" and "treason" and worse—he famously wishes *anyone* ill who he has a problem with.
LIE: Trump pretends not to know if Epstein was killed or committed suicide—holding these as equally possible.

TRUTH: Social media users can speculate as they like. This is the President of the United States refusing to accept the autopsy results of a prisoner in federal custody.
LIE: Trump says "people are still trying to figure out what happened" to Epstein—that is, "was it suicide or was he killed?"

TRUTH: As the head of the US executive branch, Trump has a duty to inform America that his branch of government has already made a *conclusive* judgment.
LIE: "I'm not looking for anything bad [to happen] for anybody," Trump says, indicating that his attitude toward Ghislaine Maxwell is *no different than to anyone else*.

TRUTH: Trump has called for Pelosi and Schiff to be put to death for treason for impeaching him. He is lying.
LIE: Trump says it is "fake news" to say that federal agents in Portland were in "fatigues."

TRUTH: *Hundreds and hundreds of hours* of video footage confirms this—and Trump knows it, because he's seen (indeed talked at great length about) such footage, and even put it in *ads*.
(THREAD UPDATE) We're now at *80 significant lies* in 27 minutes.

Does US media understand what I'm doing here? I'm showing them that *no American* could *possibly* fact-check its interviews with Trump in a reasonable way or in a reasonable time. So they're misinforming America.
LIE: Trump says, of the Portland protesters, "these people were anarchists"—with only "some" protesters mixed in.

TRUTH: Major media reports that *every day* the protests were almost 100% peaceful activists, and that it was only *after midnight* that some agitators would emerge.
LIE: Trump says Portland protesters were "beating the hell out of the city."

TRUTH: I won't pretend to know exactly what Trump means here—I just know that under *any* definition of these words it would be a *gross* over-statement of the scope and impact of the Portland protests.
LIE: Trump says "antifa" and anarchists are causing the problems at the recent anti-police-brutality protests.

TRUTH: Actually Trump's own government says it has no evidence of this (as to antifa). It's found (a) organized criminals, (b) far-right extremists, and (c) anarchists.
LIE: Trump says federal agents in Portland "tried to be very good" while stationed at the federal courthouse.

TRUTH: In fact, hours and hours of public video shows federal agents well off federal property attacking peaceful protesters and arresting people without probable cause.
LIE: Trump says "antifa terrorists" are why DHS agents went unmarked in Portland.

TRUTH: DHS has given no evidence its agents' homes or families are targeted by "antifa terrorists," necessitating anonymity in the streets of Portland in violation of *explicit* federal guidelines.
LIE: Trump says there's a history of "antifa terrorists" finding DHS agents' homes to try to "scare the hell out of" their families.

TRUTH: There's no evidence of such events being widespread—indeed, there's no evidence I can find of this happening at all, or DHS proving it has.
LIE: Trump says Chad Wolf has "dangerous-looking people picketing his house."

TRUTH: There may be protesters, but Trump's claim of danger, dangerous-looking people, and an imminent threat is simply false—and was *never* used as a basis for DHS' policy on federal-agent anonymity.
LIE: Trump opposes his own executive branch's investigation of federal agents' activities in Portland and other cities because it's baseless.

TRUTH: In fact, media has reported on dozens of incidents in which state/federal officers have engaged in misconduct during the protests.
LIE: Trump says Portland mayor Ted Wheeler was "lucky he got away with his life" when he visited the protests.

TRUTH: There were no threats against Wheeler's life when he visited the protests. He was surrounded by protesters—but only faced danger when the feds *tear-gassed him*.
LIE: Trump says the violence in Portland "got better" when federal agents entered the city.

TRUTH: Nope—the opposite. It got *much worse* when federal agents were sent in by Trump...and dissipated almost immediately when the agents were removed. (As *anyone* could've predicted.)
LIE: Trump claims he enacted a 10-year minimum for damaging federal property.

TRUTH: Uh, no. It's a 10-year *maximum*—and Trump didn't create it, he just urged it to be applied. His actions had no effect at all on federal law (which he repeatedly deliberately misquotes, anyway.)
LIE: Trump says protests are only in "Democrat-run cities."

TRUTH: No— #BlackLivesMatter protests have occurred in more than 2,000 cities and towns across America, and nearly every one of them has been peaceful. There have been scattered issues in "Democratic" *and* "GOP" cities.
LIE: Trump says #BlackLivesMatter "started out very badly," as its very first statement was "pigs [police officers] in a blanket, fry them like bacon."

TRUTH: This is... obscene. This isn't how #BlackLivesMatter "started out." Jesus Christ. This is a racist misstatement of fact.
LIE: Trump says no anti-police-brutality protester has *ever* asked to meet with him, but he "would"—though he never has.

TRUTH: Both of these are lies—and, notably, not even lies his supporters believe. (They simply don't *want* the president to meet with any such protesters.)
LIE: Trump says he is "doing very well" with "African Americans."

TRUTH: Trump's polling with Black Americans is horrendous.
LIE: Trump says that he "hopes" police officers don't systemically treat Black Americans worse than white Americans, then asks, "does anyone really know" the answer to that question?

TRUTH: *All* the data confirms disparate treatment—and he knows this. This is a deliberate lie.
LIE: Trump says cops kill more white people than Black people.

TRUTH: This is so misleading as to constitute a lie, as Trump knows (just like Barr knows) that unless one controls for percent-of-population—something Trump *insists upon* with COVID-19—his statistic is meaningless.
LIE: Trump says his administration has already done "a lot" to combat police brutality.

TRUTH: It has done nothing. Trump is using other legislation he's backed regarding the criminal justice system as a proxy for legislation focused on police brutality. It's a bait-and-switch.
LIE: Trump says Obama never got any funding for Black colleges.

TRUTH: That's a lie.
LIE: Trump says he's done more for Black Americans than any U.S. president—including President Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Civil Rights Act.

TRUTH: This is a vile and even *hallucinatory* lie.
(THREAD UPDATE) He *did* it—he managed to tell *100 significant lies* in 35 minutes. (The interview ends at approximately this point in the 37-minute video.) I have to ask Axios: was it really better that this interview be aired, or not? How many Americans can do this fact-check?
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