Oct 2008 President Zardari in interview to @WSJ terms “Freedom Fighters” as Terrorists, reiterating his Friendship towards US & hopes $100 Billion funds,it is however ironic,same Leading Newspaper terms Asif Ali Zardari “Mr 10%” https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB122307507392703831
Also reported in local Media, he thought India was not a threat to Pakistan, an observation enough to upset IOK Political Leaders fighting for Kashmiri Liberation. https://www.dawn.com/news/869923 
Indian Electronic Media celebrated President Zardari’s statement giving into Indian’s stance (very rightly so) as No Pakistani Leader heading Government has been so reluctantly soft on IOK issue.
The Then Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani’s Official Visit to the United States,other than Promising Better Performance than the Past, Gillani had not made a single comment over Kashmir or spoke about Party’s Policy on Kashmir.
Pm Gillani Met Indian Counterpart Manmohan Singh on summit of Non-Alligned Movement NAM at Sharm-UL-Sheikh,Egypt, again without any word on Kashmir or Indian Attrocities.
Second Prime Minister during PPP led Government Raja Pervaiz Ashraf,however stayed quiet on Kashmir Policy reiterating Party’s Policy to backtrack on Kashmir Policyother than occasional statements with no roadmap or the Policy.
PML-N came into Power with 2/3rd Majority 2013,Nawaz Sharif being Prime Minister had no black & White Policy on Kashmir other than Keeping allies politically happy by awarding Kashmir Committee to Moulana Fazlur Rehman.
Pm Nawaz Sharif attends Oath Taking Ceremony of Indian Counterpart, Meets @sajjanjindal & family but on purpose refuses to meet IOK leaders. https://twitter.com/omar_quraishi/status/502462401972031489
Nawaz Sharif Meets Indian Counterpart again at Ufa for SCO summit, both formally & informally without a word on Indian Forces atrocities on IOK civilian Population. https://twitter.com/dawn_com/status/619475159376769025
Senator Rehman Malik of PPP criticises Nawaz Sharif meeting Modi to which Dr Mussadiq Malik reacted saying”one needs no enemies with Friends like Rehman Malik”, clearly going soft on Indian Prime Minister. https://www.dawn.com/news/1193618 
During Azad Kashmir Elections Campaign 2016, @BBhuttoZardari reminds Nawaz Sharif if compromising Kashmir Policy by not meeting IOK leaders at New Delhi & instead focusing on Personal interests by meeting Jindal & Family.
@BBhuttoZardari also termed Pmlns victory in Kashmir elections,a compromise on Kashmir Policy.
Maryam Nawaz Sharif defended Jindals visit,called him a close friend, when Jindal has been clearly vocal on Indian stance over Pakistan.
Whereas Indian Journalists have been claiming the visit was nothing in lines with as portrayed by Then Government in Pakistan & it was for personal gains only, not denied by Sharif Family though. https://twitter.com/trulymonica/status/1093135296647086081
Senator @sherryrehman summited an Adj.Motion in the senate on the secret meeting held between Nawaz Sharif and Indian steel magnate Jindal.
(To be Continued)
2018, Pti comes in Power with Imran Khan leader of the house, Imran Khan,contrary to PPP & Pmlns backtracked Policy on Kashmir, linked Peace in the Region with resolving Kashmir Issue,before & after his visit to US, to which @POTUS offered mediation,for the very first Time.
For the very first time in the history,An American President terms Pakistan a very good friend on Indian soil, a massive blow to Indian Diplomacy contrary to claims by Pak Opposition Parties.
Despite taking jibes at Pti Govt over Kashmir Policy,it’s Pmln & PPP that needs vindicating their stand over Kashmir Policy.
https://twitter.com/awjamalfc/status/1240262796648087553?s=21 https://twitter.com/awjamalfc/status/1240262796648087553
It can be easily established What Pakistan has achieved on Kashmir Policy what Pmln & PPP couldn’t come close to despite being in Power multiple times. 4th Aug Pakistan Fed Cabinet approves new Map showing IOK a part of Pakistan which is symbolic yet reiterating liberation of IOK
It’s safe to say,never before Indian Attrocities in IOK have been clearly spoken of & heeded to despite being dealing with Economic Crisis & diplomatic failures by both Pmln & PPP regimes,showing good results & hopes are risen towards a peaceful solution.

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